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      Do you want to learn about the basic theories of the world economy?

      If the answer is yes, this Bachelor designed by the Donghua University will be perfect for you!

      Emagister added to his list of courses a Bachelor in World Economy.
      Thanks to this program you will learn the dynamics of the academic frontier and the new trends in the globalization of the world economy.

      Learn more about this program by contacting Emagister website.

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      Shanghai, China
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      Shanghai, China
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      O que se aprende nesse curso?

      Supply Chain Management
      Supply and Chain Management
      Economic System


      Areas of Study

      (1)Comparative Economic System  

      This area includes the researches of economic systems and economic performance, transitional economics, developing economics and developed economics, etc.

      (2)Global and Regional Economic Cooperation 

      This area focuses on the researches of regional economic integration, major countries or economic cooperation groups and multilateral trading system, etc.

      (3)International Finance and Investment 

      This area includes the researches of multinational, international financial and international investment, etc.

      Logistics Engineering

      Program Goals

      This program helps students to have solid foundation of logistics engineering theories and have the ability to independently undertake technical and operational logistic management. Students will be able to adapt to the rapid development of domestic and international logistics engineering, have independent analysis and problem-solving abilities as well as proficiency in a foreign language.

      Areas of Study

      (1)Logistics System Planning and Design

      This area focuses on researches of modern logistics management theory and technology, logistics system planning and design, logistics system design and consulting, third-party logistics system.

      (2)Supply Chain Management

      This area focuses on researches of supply chain management theory and technology, planning and design of supply chain system, logistics-based supply chain management.

      (3)E-commerce Logistics

      This area focuses on researches of e-commerce, logistics management theory and technology, e-commerce logistics system design and development, operation and management of e-commerce logistics system.