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MScEF - Mestrado em Ciências em Silvicultura Europeia

Alain Georges

O melhor: I am originally from Orléans Canada – a suburb of the Nation’s Capital: Ottawa. I have two major career goals for my life: (1) to become a university professor/researcher and (2) to become the superintendent of one of Canada’s beautiful National Parks. I started m y student career at Sir Sandford Fleming College in Lindsay, Ontario. I spent three years in Lindsay graduating as an Ecosystem Management Technician and as a Parks and Forest Recreation Management Technician. Following this, I spent a fourth year in Fleming at their Haliburton, Ontario campus and g ot a Certificate of Advanced Studies in Adventure Tourism Management. Knowing full-well that this would not be it for me as a student I then applied to the Faculty of Forestry and the Forest Environment at Lakehead University in Thunder Bay, Ontario. During my studies at Lakehead University I took s ome Finnish language courses and decided that I should put them to good use by going on exchange there. I came to the Erasmus Mundus Master of Science in European Forestry to build on the relationships which I had started during an exchange visit as a Bachelor student in 2006. Ever since my first visit to Joensuu I had been searching for an opportunity to return and pursue graduate level studies and t he timing was somehow perfect for me. I was particularly interested in the variety of courses which were offered from all of the partner universities and the fact that the program awarded a double degree. The double degree in particular will provide me with an edge over other job applicants once I a m back in Canada and searching for PhD positions. I have worked several jobs in the past from paper boy to liaison officer, to forest firefighter. The latter of those jobs is the one which has steered me towards an academic career. Mother Nature is a formidable force to be reasoned with and wildfire is one of the ways in which she manifests her pow er over us. Many aspects of forest disturbances interest me, not only the suppression of wildfire, but what effects decades of suppression have had on our forests.In the course of the MScEF I have been able to connect with several people who will be able to help me further develop my career in fire ecology and management. Although I am leaving Europe this spring, I know that I will be back and I know that the relationships which I have developed within the MScEF program has opened doors for me around the world and will help me further my career and enjoy my private life.
A melhorar: I liked everything
Curso realizado: Setembro 2012
Você recomendaria esse curso?: Sim

MEDFOR - Silvicultura Mediterrânea e Gerenciamento de Recursos Naturais

From Cameroon

O melhor: The knowledge that I have about the European country and their system is a valuable asset for me as a person who came from Africa. It’s a great opportunity to study abroad, to know more advance sciences and to absorb the values of European culture. Everything is we ll organised and personal problems are paid great attention. It will definitely help since my background is forestry and natural resource management and I have worked in this field in Nepal and in India. Now this Masters in European forestry will help me to be influential in the European arena. Euro pean countries are doing much more in the forestry sector. But, in developing countries forest protection and the livelihood of the people is only one theme of forest management. So, I would like to learn how we could manage our forest as productive forest commercially in a sustainablemanner
A melhorar: I liked everything
Curso realizado: Setembro 2009
Você recomendaria esse curso?: Sim
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A Universidade de Lleida (UdL) consiste em sete centros de ensino, entre es quais estão as Faculdades, Escolas de Ensino Técnico e os campi universitários.
Nossa missão instrucional inclui educação de nível médio, graduação, educação profissionalizante e contínua.A universidade tem uma rede de infraestrutura de apoio à pesquisa organizada em serviços ci
entíficos técnicos e 44 grupos, consolidados pelo Diretorado Geral de Pesquisa do Governo Catalão, representando reconhecimento oficial em diversos quesitos de excelência científica. Esses grupos alta
mente competitivos recebem recursos tanto das agências nacionais de financiamento de pesquisas (DGICYT, CICYT, FIS) e quanto da União Europeia. A UdL é uma universidade espanhola competitiva no ensino
e pesquisa nas áreas de Agronomia e Silvicultura, sendo especializada na Silvicultura Mediterrânea, proteção florestal e NWFP. Recentemente, nossa universidade tem sido positivamente avaliada entre a
s instituições da Assembleia Europeia das Universidades (EUA).

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