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The Training Analyst Mini MBA

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Tipologia Short course
Local London (Reino Unido)
Horário de aulas 20h
Duração 5 Days
Início 30/04/2018
  • Short course
  • London (Reino Unido)
  • 20h
  • Duração:
    5 Days
  • Início:

This intensive 5 day program starts with topics related to Management such as People Management; Leading Teams; Strategic Planning, Negotiating and Operational Excellence, topics commonly found on most MBAs. The second week will be devoted to training analyst principles and techniques. All managers
are faced with increasingly complex responsibilities. Business costs are constantly under pressure and the Training Department needs to be able to demonstrate a positive impact on the bottom line. The success and cost-effectiveness of any training and development initiative depends on the correct and timely analysis of
the need. Effective analysis will lead to timely and appropriate training that can then be evaluated to show the impact on the business and the return on the investment.

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Instalações e datas
Início Localização
30 abr 2018
198-206 Acton Ln, NW10 7NH, London, Reino Unido
Início 30 abr 2018
198-206 Acton Ln, NW10 7NH, London, Reino Unido

O que se aprende nesse curso?

Business Process
Financial Management
Master Business Administration
Business Plan
Management Planning
Business Finance
Human Resources and Training


Participants attending the program will: 
  • Understand the needs for analysis within the context of the training cycle 
  • Learn different models for conducting training needs analysis 
  • Develop the skill to apply models to their own roles and work contexts 
  • Develop the ability to conduct a variety of skills analyses including critical incident, environmental scanning and hierarchical task analysis.
  • Learn the difference between competences and competencies 
  • Understand the importance of evaluation to a training function 
  • Develop the knowledge to enable them to conduct evaluation at a variety of levels 
  • Plan and conduct training analysis within their own organization 
  • Create a Plan of Action for implementation in their own organization 
  • Learn how to harness the power of TQM
  • Effective use of Outsourcing
  • Consider methods for improving business process performance
  • Examine the application of management best practices.