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      Symbology Diploma Course

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      Tipologia Curso
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      Horário de aulas 150h
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      • Curso
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      • 150h
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      What will you learn ?
      Learn how to decipher the meaning of modern and ancient symbols, the mechanics of good symbol design, and how to go about setting up your own symbology practice, including guidance on the client sessions you can provide and how to grow your practice.
      By taking the Symbology Diploma Course you’ll learn to become more perceptive of the symbols and codes that are all around us in our day-to-day lives, including how symbology can be found in body language, and how to uncover the messages behind them. This knowledge and wisdom is passed on through exploring how and why symbols have been used throughout history, the hidden meanings behind numbers and codes, and the meanings of common shapes that make up symbols and how differing combinations affect meaning.
      The course examines the meaning of animal symbols and why animals are chosen to represent countries. The meaning of various flowers and how different colour combinations symbolise different things is also explained, along with why countries choose to be represented by certain flowers.
      You’ll learn how current symbols are used and become widely-recognised, and the ways in which ancient symbols are incorporated into modern life, in buildings and bank notes. You’ll also see how symbols have a lifespan, with some that are used for a very short duration, while others reappear, sometimes with a different meaning.
      The shapes, styles, and colours of symbols have great meaning that can change depending on your location, beliefs, and culture. The effects of these are discussed in the course, along with the symbols associated with various celebrations, events, and festivals across the globe..
      Along with imbuing you with a greater knowledge of the subject, the course also explains how you can use this information to create your own symbology practice and the types of consultations and session work you can provide to clients

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      O melhor: The modules were relevant and well written, being able to access the course content across a number of devices allowed me to slot the course into a busy schedule.
      A melhorar: Nothing to change
      Curso realizado: Abril 2018
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      O melhor: Kate helped a lot. She help guide us through our options available and answer all our questions to the full. Would deffinetly recommend and use again in the future.
      A melhorar: Nothing
      Curso realizado: Abril 2018
      Você recomendaria esse centro?: sim
      O melhor: Really pleased with the quick response to my email and the really helpful conversation following this.
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      Curso realizado: Abril 2018
      Você recomendaria esse centro?: sim
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      O que se aprende nesse curso?

      Body Language


      Module 1: How to Spot Symbols and Types of Codes

      • Part 1: Symbol and Signs
      • Part 2: Landscapes
      • Part 3: Spotting Codes
      • Module 1 Assessment

      Module 2: Cultural History of Symbols

      • Part 1: Cave Paintings
      • Part 2: Body Language
      • Module 2 Assessment

      Module 3: Basic Symbol Shapes and Their Meaning

      • Part 1: Planes of Existence
      • Part 2: Dot, Line & Circle
      • Part 3: Ovals, Arcs & Spirals
      • Part 4: Types of shapes
      • Module 3 Assessment

      Module 4: Imagery in Symbols and How Sound and Music Connect

      • Part 1: Advanced Shape Symbols
      • Part 2: Items as Symbols
      • Part 3: The Elements
      • Part 4: Religious and Belief Symbols
      • Module 4 Assessment

      Module 5: Animal and Nature Symbology

      • Part 1: Animal Symbols
      • Part 2: Reptiles, Insects & Arachnids
      • Part 3: Birds, Mammal Symbols & Mythical Creatures
      • Module 5 Assessment

      Module 6: Ancient World Signs, Symbols and their Meanings

      • Part 1: Ancient World Symbology
      • Part 2: Celtic Symbols
      • Part 3: Tree Symbology
      • Module 6 Assessment

      Module 7: 20th Century Signs and Symbols

      • Part 1: War Symbols & Flags of the World
      • Part 2: Tourism Symbols, Sigils & Led Zeppelin
      • Module 7 Assessment

      Module 8: Modern Symbols and Animal Power Symbols

      • Part 1: Bank Notes & Power Symbols of a Country
      • Part 2: Currency Symbols & Computer Symbols
      • Module 8 Assessment

      Module 9: Your Symbology Practice and Work Opportunities

      • Part 1: Setting up a Symbology Practice
      • Part 2: Your Workspace
      • Module 9 Assessment

      Module 10: Stylised Colour Use and Year Symbols

      • Part 1: Symbol Shapes Matter
      • Part 2: Symbols of Celebrations in the Year
      • Module 10 Assessment

      Module 11: The Symbology of Flowers

      • Part 1: Flowers as Symbols
      • Part 2: Flowers
      • Module 11 Assessment

      Module 12: Growing Your Symbology Practice with Design

      • Part 1: Growing Your Symbology Practice
      • Part 2: What to Offer your Clients
      • Module 12 Assessment

      Module 13: Client Work, Activities for Symbol Sessions

      • Part 1: Symbol Activities
      • Part 2: Couples Symbols Work
      • Module 13 Assessment

      Module 14: Your Symbology Business, Dream Symbols

      • Part 1: Designing Symbols for a Living
      • Part 2: Dream Symbols
      • Module 14 Assessment

      Module 15: Example Symbology Client Sessions

      • Part 1: Client Sessions
      • Part 2: Session 3: Group work – Embracing Symbols
      • Module 15 Assessment

      Module 16: Recap of What You Need to Know

      • Part 1: A Day in the Life of a Symbology Practitioner
      • Part 2: Where Symbols are Used
      • Module 16 Assessment