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      "SQL for Beginners with Official Microsoft Exams "

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      "If you’ve ever considered having a career involving SQL, but felt you lacked the knowledge or skills to launch your career, this might be what you’re looking for. This course bundle is aimed at absolute beginners who want to start a career in SQL or just develop their skills in this area. The course assumes you have no technical knowledge of SQL.

      The course starts off with a series of beginner level courses in SQL, then advances to higher level Microsoft certification courses. The purposes of the beginner level courses is not only to give you an introduction to SQL, but to prepare you to progress to the next study level involving the Microsoft MCSA courses. By completing the two MCSA exams from these courses, you’ll earn the globally recognised Microsoft MCSA in SQL 2016 Database Administration certification. Scroll down to read more about the MCSA."

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      Database training
      MCSA training


      "This bundle contains 5 beginner level courses in SQL; and 2 Microsoft MCSA certification courses.The knowledge and skills gained on these courses will prepare you to take the MCSA certification exams. This course bundle includes the official Microsoft MCSA certification exams. The course material and exams are valid for 12 months from the time of enrolment. As part of this bundle, you will get access to a MeasureUP practice test for each certification course. This will help prepare you to pass the final exams. Certification courses included: Click on a course title to see a breakdown of the topics covered. The courses should be completed in the order listed below. 1. SQL Basics (no exam) 2. SQL Database for Beginners (no exam) 3. Introduction to Transact SQL (no exam) 4. Introduction to SQL Server Integration Services (no exam) 5. SQL Server Integration Services (no exam) 6. Microsoft 70-764 SQL 2016 Administering an SQL Database Infrastructure (1 exam) 7. Microsoft 70-765 Provisioning SQL Databases (1 exam)"