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      Are you passionate about sports? Do you dream of working in this industry? So, Emagister has the best course for you!
      Emagister and ICI offer you the Sports Management program planned in conjunction with the industry leaders that help you get the skills you need to be successful in marketing quickly and conveniently.

      This course offers a Certificate, Diploma or Advanced Diploma depending on the level at which you enroll. The different levels are achieved by the amount of content of the course and the evaluations involved within each module in the basic (Certificate), intermediate (Diploma) and advanced (Advanced Diploma) levels. You will learn what is the difference between the three levels below.

      Start an exciting career in sports management! Graduates are qualified as sports managers and find they work in: event management companies, sports marketing companies, leisure and recreation clubs, amateur sports organizations, player management companies, sponsorship management companies, sports leagues professionals, sporting goods organizations.

      Advance your career in sports management, learn the internal secrets of how to be a sports management professional in months, not years! Study a sports management course that was developed together with leaders of the sports management industry. Free up valuable time, do not waste time and money going to classes, study at your own pace whenever and wherever you are, have access to a tutor. Start receiving the benefits by registering today!

      This whole course is done through distance learning (also known as correspondence learning). Distance learning is perfect if you need to adapt to work, family or other commitments.
      If you want to start your career in Sports Management, contact Emagister and know all the benefits of this training!

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      Quais são os objetivos da formação?

      Start an exciting career in sports management! Graduates are qualified as sports managers and find employment in a broad range of positions with:

      Event management firms
      Player management firms
      Recreation and leisure clubs
      Sports marketing firms
      Sponsorship management firms
      Amateur sport organisations
      Professional sport leagues
      Sporting goods organisations

      Requisitos: Entry Requirements:No prior education or work experience required

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      Grigoris Simitis
      O melhor: I highly recommend the sports management course. It gave me the self-assurance and credentials which I needed to secure my current position. Surely worth the investment. Keep up the fantabulous work.
      A melhorar: I cannot describe this course as negative.
      Curso realizado: Setembro 2015
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      Roy McNee
      O melhor: The layout of the lessons made the course easy to understand and complete. I am looking forward to a great career.
      A melhorar: Nothing.
      Curso realizado: Dezembro 2015
      Você recomendaria esse centro?: sim
      Grigoris Simitis
      O melhor: I highly endorse the sports management course. It gave me the confidence and credentials I needed to secure my current position. Definitely worth the investment. Keep up the excellent work.
      A melhorar: Nothing.
      Curso realizado: Junho 2015
      Você recomendaria esse centro?: sim
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      O que se aprende nesse curso?

      Event Management
      Fitness Instructor
      Sports Studies
      Sports Law
      Performance Appraisal
      Sponsorship management
      Sports marketing
      Sports Management
      Player Management
      Sports clubs
      Current Issues
      Sport and Society
      History of sport
      The Context of Sporting
      Sport and health


      1             Sport – What it’s All About

      ·         Introduction to Sports Management

      ·         Parameters and definitions

      ·         The history of sport

      ·         Trends in sports participation

      ·         Pricing of sports participation

      ·         Sports clubs

      ·         Issues and trends facing sport

      2             The Context of Sporting

      ·         The role and importance of sport in our society

      ·         The benefits of sport

      ·         The aims and objectives of sport

      ·         Current issues

      ·         Sport and society

      ·         Sport and health

      3             The Voluntary Sector

      ·         Voluntary organizations

      ·         Sport is a voluntary concept

      ·         Voluntary ethos

      ·         Voluntary sports organizations

      ·         Management of voluntary organizations

      ·         The nature of voluntary organizations

      ·         Organizational structures and personalities

      ·         Governing bodies

      ·         How to retain volunteers

      4             Sports Development

      ·         The many roles of the sports development officer


      5             Leadership

      ·         Transactional or transformational

      ·         Leadership qualities in the sports situation

      6             Working Together

      ·         Partnerships and liaisons

      ·         Agencies involved in sport

      7             People

      ·         Performance appraisal

      ·         Managing people

      ·         What makes a manager?

      ·         Staff appraisal

      ·         Staff motivation

      ·         Delegation

      ·         Communication

      ·         Getting the right people

      ·         Team building

      ·         Team development

      ·         Personnel management

      8             Organizational Management

      ·         The role of the sports manager

      ·         General management approaches

      ·         Quality management

      ·         Strategic management

      ·         Measuring performance

      ·         Planning

      ·         Objectives

      ·         Control

      ·         Organizational change

      ·         Decision making

      9             Management in Practice

      ·         Management processes

      ·         Financial management

      ·         Legislation

      ·         Health and safety at work

      ·         Managing support services

      ·         The management of sport as a public service

      10           Management Challenges

      ·         Competition

      ·         Financial control

      ·         National standards

      ·         Pressure for change

      ·         Voluntary implications

      ·         Philosophical challenges

      ·         Investors in people

      11           Marketing

      ·         Marketing ethics

      ·         Marketing participation

      ·         Marketing activities and implementation

      ·         Public relations

      ·         Fundraising

      ·         Sports sponsorship

      12           Event management

      ·         Events feasibility

      ·         Event planning

      ·         Event requirements

      ·         Event evaluation

      13           Personal skills

      ·         Time management

      ·         Managing meetings

      ·         Meetings in practice

      ·         Personal management

      Informação adicional

      The average time within which students complete studies is: DIPLOMA LEVEL: 24 WEEKS ADVANCED DIPLOMA LEVEL: 31 WEEKS