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      If you like to relate to people, have communication skills and enjoy working in a competitive environment, then the real estate industry has a professional career for you! Emagister presents this Real Estate course so you can achieve all your professional goals.
      In general, real estate agents value, manage, lease, buy and sell residential, rural, commercial and industrial properties or businesses on behalf of their clients.

      The real estate industry is expected to increase employment opportunities in the next decade as the population continues to grow creating a greater need for housing.

      Students assume the role of an employee in the Virtual Reality Agency, a thriving (metaphorical) agency. Content is provided through real-life scenarios and situations in which the student interacts with Virtual Realty staff and clients while working on course activities.

      Get the great advantage in your industry by knowing how to appeal to the true wishes and needs of your client.
      As you may have noticed, other courses simply will not give you all these secrets, tips, tricks and time saving shortcuts, which will give you this course.

      Therefore, do not wait any longer and contact the school through Emagister.

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      O que se aprende nesse curso?

      Property Law
      Negotiation Skills
      Property Development
      Real Estate
      Sales Techniques
      Real Estate Management
      Sales Process
      Property management
      Property marketing
      Property Sales
      Client Base
      Property Appraisal
      Agency Risk
      Market Property
      Private Treaty
      Execute Documentation
      Account to Landlord


      1          Property Sales

      Provide Property Appraisal

      Establish and Expand Client Base

      Obtain Property Listings

      Market Property

      Undertake Property Sale by Private Treaty

      Monitor Sales Process

      Conduct Property Sale By Auction

      Prepare and Execute Documentation

      2          Property Management

      Effectively Manage Property and Account to Landlord

      Perform and Record Property Management Activities and Transactions

      Negotiate Effectively with Landlords and Tenants

      Maintain and Protect Conditions of Rented Properties

      3          Business Practices

      Manage Agency Risk

      Implement Personal Marketing Plan

      Clarify and Confirm Property Information

      3          Agency Services

      Provide Property Development and Marketing Services

      Present and Explain Property Reports