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Semipresencial Fremont (USA)
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Tipologia Training
Metodologia Semipresencial
Local Fremont (USA)
Duração 10
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  • Training
  • Semipresencial
  • Fremont (USA)
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Emagister has added to its catalogue list this comprehensive course from KnowledgeHut. It will help you step into the world of React and learn why this JavaScript library has taken the web application development world by storm.

You will learn about the basics of the latest edition that is React 16, including its architecture and components and go on to mastering the advanced concepts such as building rich internet applications using React.JS, Flux and Redux. You will also learn to create, build, and deploy react applications to cloud with maximum learning benefit.

If you already work with Java or any computer programming system, this course offers you the best online method to update yourself regarding the latest programming system features,

Do not hesitate! Enrol now and get hands-on mastery of this platform. If you need to know more about this course or other similar courses regarding computer system platforms, please ask, where opportunities are on the palm of your hand!

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Quais são os objetivos da formação?

Learn how Single Page React application is different than traditional web development frameworks
Code using new ES6 language features
Develop an application from scratch using React 16
Understand the benefits of unidirectional data flow
Understand and use React, React Router, Redux, Redux Saga and other popular libraries
Creating redux middleware with Redux saga
Use styled-components to create presentational components (CSS in JS)
Taking the advantage of react and redux dev tools for better debugging
Taking the advantage of immutable.js library to follow the immutable state principle
Unit test React components, redux using Jest, Enzyme and sinon
Implementing server-side rendering for SEO benefits and to reduce initial load times
Use webpack bundler & its features-code splitting,lazy loading, tree shaking, hot module replacement
Create, build, and deploy react applications to cloud
React ecosystem and sources for good third-party libraries.



Fremont (USA)
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405 Rancho Arroyo Pkwy #91, Fremont, , CA 94536


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Application Server
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Java Development Kit
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Application Servers
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Application Analysis
Computer Programming
Engineering Science
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1 ES6 Primer
2 Introduction to React
3 Templating using JSX
4 It's all about components
5 Working with state and props
6 Rendering lists
7 Event handling in React
8 Understanding component lifecycle
9 Working with forms
10 Routing with react router
11 Just Redux
12 Immutablejs
13 React Redux
14 Redux middleware
15 Unit Testing
16 New Features of React 16
17 Webpack Primer
18 Isomorphic React