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Profit Margin

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Business Acumen is not just fluency in the language of finance, it is the ability to read, understand and interpret financial information to make informed business decisions. Decisions that will positively impact on the financial performance of the

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Cash Flow
Financial Training
Financial statements
Cost Management
Key Performance Indicators
Loss Account


Learn how to apply several techniques for analyzing the financial impact or feasibility of projects involving large capital expenditures based on cash flow and the time value of money. 
Apply sensitivity analysis to refine these decisions and measure risk.

Delegates will:

• Understand how business decisions impact organisations’ financials and keyperformance indicators.

• Be confident in financial discussions – gain financial fluency and understandterminology and concepts.

• Understand the drivers of your profit and loss account, and the interrelationship of the financial statements.

• Be able to differentiate between profit and cash flow.

• Develop superior cost management skills and understand how to conducteffective investment appraisals.

• Understand the implications for planning and reporting in the listed companyenvironment.