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Tipologia Curso
Nível Advanced
Metodologia Online
Horário de aulas 100h
Duração 12
Início Datas a escolher
Tutor pessoal Sim
Aulas virtuais Sim
  • Curso
  • Advanced
  • Online
  • 100h
  • Duração:
  • Início:
    Datas a escolher
  • Tutor pessoal
  • Aulas virtuais

IELTS- the International English Language Testing System, is designed to assess the language ability of people who want to study or work where English is the language of communication.

This course aims to prepare candidates for the IELTS Academic test using online resources and teaching materials specifically developed to meet the assessment criteria for the test.

This is a 100 hour online self-preparation course which benefits from tutor support. However, regular tutor feedback is provided at the end of each unit to increase students' awareness of their academic strengths and weaknesses.

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Requisitos: Prior knowledge of English internet connection take our online Placement Test

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Listening Skills
Communication Skills
Time management
Confidence Training
Reading and writing
Speaking Skills
Examination Preparation
Grammar and Vocabulary


Initial assessment 

Unit 1: Reading 

  • Overview of the Reading test
  • Reading skills and strategies
  • Types of texts
  • Reading comprehension, reading for gist, reading for details
  • Practice tasks, Assessment criteria, past IELTS papers
  • End of Unit Test (tutor marked)

Unit 2: Writing

  • Overview of the Writing test
  • Organise and produce coherent paragraphs
  • Plan and draft writing
  • Use a range of academic vocabulary
  • Interpret and describe diagrams, tables 
  • Demonstrate a good range of complex sentence structures
  • Practice activities, sample papers, past IELTS writing tests
  • End of Unit Test (tutor marked)

Unit 3: Listening

  • Overview of the Listening test
  • Listen for main ideas
  • Listen for specific information
  • Make inferences and draw conclusions
  • Practice activities, sample papers and past IELTS listening tests
  • End of unit test (tutor marked)

Unit 4. Speaking

  • Overview of the Speaking test
  • Engage in conversations about familiar and unfamiliar topics with confidence
  • Use appropriate vocabulary and language structures for academic presentations
  • Become familiar with interview management techniques
  • Practice speaking with a tutor via our platform, past IELTS speaking tests
  • End of unit test (tutor marked)


Final assessment (tutor marked)

Informação adicional

Our online courses are flexible and are designed for your convenience. Students have 12 weeks to complete a course but there are no specific dates for submitting end of unit tests as long as they are sent in the suggested order. Individual tutor feedback is provided through our learning platform.