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Official Master for research in corporate law, Barcelona Research in Corporate Law

Get advanced training in trade, civil, labour and tax law! With this official Master in Corporate and Business Law, you will learn more about law and labour relations. This Master could be the first step toward a doctorate. You must accredit your university degree to be able to take this Master. Upon completion, you will receive an official degree accrediting your studies.




Barcelona (Espanha)
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European bachelor's degree or accredited equivalent.

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  • Contracting and Consumer Law
  • Companies Law
  • Labour and Social Security Law
  • Tax Law
  • Corporate Economics and Accounting
  • Globalisation and Society
  • Industrial Law
  • Financial Sectors
  • Commercial Contracting
  • Bankruptcy Law
  • Contractual Responsibility and Execution
  • Liability for Damage
  • Real Estate Law
  • Specialisation in Labour Law
  • Labour Relations


A detailed curriculum for the Master is attached.

It consists of 90 ECTS credits structured into 3 semesters:

  • First (30 ECTS): courses on contracting and business organisation, basic core of the itineraries.
  • Second (30 ECTS): 5 courses from the optional courses Trade Law, Private Contracting and Consumer Law, Labour Law and Tax Law.
  • Third (30 ECTS): Research project in Corporate and Business Law.

Corporate and Business Law

R$ 26.419

* Preço indicativo

Montante original emEUR:

4.140 €