Official master's degree in Industrial Engineering at the UdL

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Industrial engineering

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Em Lleida (Espanha)

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Tipologia Mestrado
Local Lleida (Espanha)
Duração 2 Anos
Créditos 120
  • Mestrado
  • Lleida (Espanha)
  • Duração:
    2 Anos
  • Créditos: 120

If you have training in the engineering sector and you would like to extend your skills in engineering processes applied to the industrial sectors, this course is for you. provides the university master's degree in Industrial Engineering, an in-person course designed and taught by the Universitat de Lleida, which will train you to apply your knowledge in sectors such as aeronautics, or the chemical, electronic or energy industry, amongst others.

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Lleida, Espanha
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Lleida, Espanha
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Perguntas frequentes:

· Quais são os objetivos deste curso?

The goal of the master's degree is to train professionals capable of adapting their technological and scientific studies to the different industrial areas. You will be able to apply engineering knowledge to problem solving and to face new challenges posed by industries. You will be trained in energy generation, in advanced manufacturing systems, in industrial construction and in project management. You will also learn about design of industrial systems and machinery, industrial equipment and business administration in the industrial sector.

· Público alvo

The master's degree is targeted at graduates and professionals in the engineering sector who would like to extend their knowledge in the world of industry. The course lasts two years and is taught in person and may be full- or part-time. The classes are taught in Catalan, Spanish and English by a team of teachers that specialise in the subject and have extensive experience in the sector.

· Requisitos

European bachelor's degree or equivalent in Industrial Engineering, approved if it was obtained from institutions outside the European Union.

O que se aprende nesse curso?

Air conditioning
Electrical wiring
Electronic administration
Electronic equipment
Machinery design
Industrial electronics
Electrical power
Project engineering
Hydraulic Engineering
Industrial management
Process control
Mechanical design
Mechanical manufacturing
Power supply
Advanced manufacturing systems
AIR CONDITIONING installations
Industrial constructions
Company administration
Chemical processes
Thermal machines
Electronic and control systems
Industrial organisation
Project management
Electrical engineering
Thermal engineering
Industrial equipment


Course 1 - Semester 1
  • Generation and Distribution of Energy
  • Advanced Manufacturing Systems
  • Electrical and Air Conditioning Installations
  • Industrial Constructions I
  • Organisational Structures and Business Administration
Course 1 - Semester 2
  • Machinery Design and Testing I
  • Basic Operations for Chemical Processes
  • Hydraulic and Thermal Machinery
  • Design of Electronic and Control Systems
  • Industrial Organisation I
Course 2 - Semester 1
  • Control, Certificates and Audits
  • Industrial Organisation II
  • Project Management and Human Resources
  • Electrical engineering (optional)
  • Industrial Constructions II (optional)
  • Electrical engineering (optional)
  • Machinery Design and Testing II (optional)
  • Industrial equipment (optional)
  • Mobility I (optional)
  • Mobility II (optional)
Course 2 - Semester 2
  • Master's Thesis

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