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Official Master's degree for analysing private law With the cooperation of IECPL

This is a one-year University Master's degree taught in the afternoons specialising in two areas: "Private law of contractual and ex-contractual responsibility" and "Basics for the analysis of Private Law"




Girona (Espanha)
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European bachelor's degree or equivalent, which must be accredited if it was issued outside the EU. Specialising in Law or similar material and including training in private law.

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  • Public liability
  • Philosophy of damages law
  • Epistemology of proof of public liability
  • Economic analysis and theories of damages law
  • Insurance law
  • Equity management for administration
  • European legal tradition
  • Professional contingencies and public liability
  • Contract law
  • European consumer law
  • Introduction to compared law
  • Civil defence of basic rights


a general grant.t with the complete structure of modules and subjects included in the Master's degree with this information.

The structure of the Master's degree in Damages Law is based on a total of 60 credits, of which 42 correspond to on-site training (26 compulsory ECTS and 16 optional ECTS) and 18 to the final thesis (TFM). It is recommended that the 42 ECTS are taken during the first year and the supervised research work carried out in the second.

Informação adicional

The master's degree price for foreign students non residents in Spain, non nationals from EU, Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein, Switzerland or Andorra is € 65,41 per credit ECTS. Year 2013-2014.

Tort Law

R$ 18.078

* Preço indicativo

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