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MBA official University Master's degree in Catalonia Official MBA

Do you have a European university degree and do you want to improve your education even more with an MBA Master's degree?
Taking this Master's degree, you will get an official university degree issued by the Spanish Ministry of Education.
This MBA Master's degree is the first to be taught officially in Catalonia. The course language is English so it is essential that you have a good written and oral level and good comprehension of it. Throughout the training, you will learn to analyse business cases. No previous experience in management is needed but pupils are assumed to have a good background in quantitative skills.
On the curriculum, you can choose from a series of optional materials that vary depending on demand and availability of teachers.




Barcelona (Espanha)
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Official European university degree (or a degree in law, engineering, architecture, quantity surveying or a graduate degree). In the case of foreign degrees: an equivalent degree from an authorised higher-level educational establishment and academic record for the accredited official training including average grade from the original university. - Degrees in engineering, sciences or business sciences that have received quantitative training. Minimum level C1 English.

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  • Applied Statistics
  • Management Accounting
  • Company theory
  • Marketing
  • Organisational behaviour
  • Corporate finance
  • MBA Master's degree
  • Official MBA Master's degree
  • Quantitative Methods
  • Master's degree in English


Core subjects

  1. Analytical tools:
    • Applied Statistics
    • Management Accounting
    • Corporate Finance

  1. Company theory:
    • Marketing
    • Organisational behaviour

  1. Supervised final project I-II

Optional courses

  1. Strategy:
    • Analytical tools for strategic decision-making
    • Behavioural economics
    • Business strategy
    • Business economics
    • Entrepreneurship, innovation and strategic planning for new businesses.

  1. Operations management:
    • Operations management
    • Quantitative methods
    • Electronic trade/Internet marketing

  1. Marketing:
    • Analytical marketing tools
    • Consumer behaviour
    • Marketing research
    • Marketing strategy
    • Electronic trade/Internet marketing

  1. Ethical values and rationality.

  1. Professional Work Experience: approaching the professional world

MSc in management

R$ 84.507

* Preço indicativo

Montante original emEUR:

13.280 €