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      Master Herbalist

      International Open Academy
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      Do you want to learn traditional herbal cures? Would you like to use your knowledge to help yourself and others become healthier and happier?
      You will gain the skills and knowhow with this “Master Herbalist” course at

      People have been treating mental and physical diseases, with herbs for thousands of years. Each village or town used to have its own Master Herbalist, a specialist who would treat those around them with their knowledge of the natural world and the cures we can find in a wide variety of plants.

      The information in this course, paired with contemporary medicine, can help people live longer, happier and healthier lives. These practices have been passed down through Master Herbalists over thousands of years - and now you can learn online, in your home or anywhere in the world!
      Get started today with the course at

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      This course is for anyone who would like to use ancient, natural healing traditions to improve their quality of life. While not a substitute for advanced medicine, herbs can help facilitate healing, and are used to help with many medical conditions, both mental and physical.

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      Requisitos: International Open Academy courses are designed for anyone with an interest in learning. No formal qualifications are required to study with us. Our courses are suitable if you want to learn new skills, start a new career, or if you’re already working in a particular industry and wish to upgrade your talents and enhance your resume.

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      O que se aprende nesse curso?

      Healthy Eating
      Herbal medicine
      Alternative Medicine


      Module 1: Introduction
      • 1.1 Introduction
      • 1.2 Essential home remedy kit
      • 1.3 Growing your own medicine
      Module 2: Mind, Emotions And Nervous System
      • 2.1 Disorders of the mind and emotions
      • 2.2 Stress
      • 2.3 Healing highlight: Rose
      • 2.4 Nervous system
      • 2.5 Healing highlight: Rosemary
      Module 3: Digestive And Urinary System
      • 3.1 Digestive system
      • 3.2 Healing highlight: Dandelion
      • 3.3 Healing highlight: Milk thistle
      • 3.4 Urinary system
      • 3.5 Healing highlight: Nettle
      Module 4: Respiratory System And The Skin
      • 4.1 The respiratory system
      • 4.2 Healing highlight: Lavender
      • 4.3 The skin
      • 4.4 Healing highlight: Calendula
      Module 5: Heart And Blood Health
      • 5.1 Heart attacks
      • 5.2 Nourishing the heart
      • 5.3 Healing highlight: Hawthorn
      Module 6: Bones, Muscles And Joints
      • 6.1 Disorders of the bones, muscles, and joints
      • 6.2 Healing highlight: Comfrey
      Module 7: Eyes And Ears
      • 7.1 Disorders of the eyes and ears
      • 7.2 Healing highlight: Fennel
      Module 8: Women’s Health
      • 8.1 Menstrual cycle and fertility
      • 8.2 Pregnancy
      • 8.3 Breastfeeding
      • 8.4 Menopause
      • 8.5 Healing highlight: Motherwort
      • 8.6 Healing highlight: Sweet violet
      Module 9: Babies And Children
      • 9.1 Treating children
      • 9.2 Healing highlight: Chamomile
      • 9.3 Final thoughts