Master in Food and Beverage Management (Part Time)


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Emagister adds to its catalogue the Master in Food and Beverage Management, the programme aims to train professionals with the right tools and skills to start their career in the Food & Wine industry.

One of the best known and more competitive branches of business, the industry of food & beverage plays a crucial role as much in the Italian scenery as in the world. Rome Business School’s Master in Food & Beverage Management offers complete training and the ideal skills to start a strong and productive career in this sector; the managerial training and the study of the mechanisms of production, distribution, and demand provided by this program are specifically designed to forge professional profiles able to work effectively and successfully in the business of food & beverage.

Informação importante

Quais são os objetivos da formação?: At the end of the course of study, the participants will learn to:

1. Identify and develop effective managerial strategies for Food & Beverage industry companies
2. Develop a business plan for Food & Beverage industry companies
3. Utilise the most advanced marketing techniques to promote Food & Beverage industry companies and products
4. Understand the importance of financial management, and management control principles to the Food & Beverage industry
5. Understand and utilise project management techniques
6. Understand and critically evaluate the process and supply techniques to the Food & Beverage context
7. Learn and understand the use of new technologies within Food & Beverage industry companies
8. Understand the Food & Beverage industry start-up ecosystem

Esta formação é para mim?: The Master in Food and Beverage Management is a course of excellence designed for young persons who wish to start a career in the Food & Wine industry, and to professionals in the food & beverage production chain and restauration industries —or in other sectors closely linked to them—who aspire to set out on a path to grow within their organisation, to start up an enterprise in an opportunity rich but ever more complex context, and/or to complete their training path by obtaining a certification specifically conceived for the food and beverage industry.

On completion of this training course, the attendees will be able to work, among other profiles, as:

Consultants for the creation of start-ups within the restauration industry
Consultants for corporate repositioning
Food & Wine Managers
Banqueting Managers
Hotel chain Retail & Sales Managers
Public Relations Managers

Qual é o processo de inscrição?: On receiving your request, an admission specialist from Rome Business School will email you all the information you need about the course and the various stages of our admission process.

Requisitos: All applicants must have a three-year degree (or be near completion). Applicants must demonstrate English language proficiency.





Roma (Italy)
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  • Food Technology
  • Management
  • Hotel Management
  • Food Hygiene
  • Food Handling
  • Restaurant Supervision
  • Wine
  • International
  • Food safety
  • Business School
  • Food Packaging
  • Restaurant management
  • Wine bottling and storage
  • Wine production machinery and facilities


Rome Business School’s Master in Food and Beverage Management offers general managerial training combined with production chain-specific competencies, to produce specialist professional managers, capable of dealing with the challenges of the food and beverage industry in an international and multicultural context. It starts with a wide overview of the broader management world and then proceeds to analyze all the specific subjects and aspects of Food and Beverage Development and Management, as well as providing an in-depth insight into innovative and responsible leadership, its trends and best practices, as well as how they can be effectively applied to the Gastronomic Industry.

Introduction and Scenario

  • The Food and Beverage and Agri-Food System
  • Food and Beverage Industry Management
  • Basics of management: elements of corporate strategy and organisation
  • Economics and food company management
  • Marketing management and digital marketing
  • Accountancy and management control
  • Basics of Project Management
  • Business Planning
  • Human Resource Management
  • From the concept to the project: defining a project’s guidelines through the creation of the Concept
  • Geomarketing analysis
  • Aesthetic and functional design: identifying structural needs/required spaces and their distribution / defining a layout
  • Administrative requirements to set up a business / verifying the suitability of a location
  • Job Health and Safety: regulations and documents

Food Management

  • Retail & sales management
  • Supplier selection
  • Food cost control
  • Menu engineering
  • Restaurant and Kitchen layout
  • Practice Lab: visits to producers

Beverage Management

  • Retail & sales management
  • Supplier selection
  • Beverage cost control
  • Wine and beverage list engineering
  • Wine cellar layout
  • Practice Lab: visits to producers

Marketing and Communication for Food and Beverage

  • Food and Beverage industry marketing
  • Restauration services marketing
  • Digital marketing
  • Brand management – Image and Brand Identity
  • Food, Wine, and Mass Media – communication tools (food guides, industry publications/websites, newsletters)
  • Storytelling applied to Food & Wine products and services
  • Content management
  • Social media management for the Food and Beverage industry
  • Food & Wine audio-visual communication
  • Customer care
  • Food and Beverage events and the role of Public Relations
  • Case studies
  • Agri-food product marketing and brand management
  • Wine marketing and brand management
  • Marketing strategies applied to industry contents: case histories and testimonials

Food and Beverage industry innovation and strategies

  • Internationalisation strategies
  • New technologies: from production chain to service
  • Launching a start-up in the Food and Beverage industry

Extracurricular activities

As part of the course, a Cooking Teambuilding and/or Gastronomic Walking Tour event is organised in Rome’s Old Town to understand the cultural context within which the various made in Italy Food and Beverage service and restauration of excellence activities insert themselves, with the aim of understanding its various formats and business models.

Informação adicional

Career Opportunities With our help, you can create your career strategy via a journey of self-reflection, exploration, and achievement. This program is designed to help you build a solid path towards a succesful career and professional future as well as to find opportunities in line with your ambitions and expectations. In particular, the school offers the following services to the enrolled students: Individual Career Counselling Meeting Rome Business School’s Official Career Portal Professional Workshops Rome Business School’s Talent Focus

Master in Food and Beverage Management (Part Time)

R$ 44.734

* Preço indicativo

Montante original emEUR:

6.800 €