Master's degree in water management with work experience

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Water technology and science

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Tipologia Mestrado
Local Girona (Espanha)
Duração 1 Ano
Início Outubro
Créditos 60
  • Mestrado
  • Girona (Espanha)
  • Duração:
    1 Ano
  • Início:
  • Créditos: 60

Taught half in English, this official one-year full-time Master's degree prepares you both for a professional career and for research. It is specially targeted at graduates in environmental sciences, chemistry, biology, biotechnology, geology, pharmacy, chemical or agricultural engineering or similar.

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Início Localização
Girona, Espanha
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Início Outubro
Girona, Espanha
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· Requisitos

Bachelor's degree or equivalent, accredited if obtained outside the EU. Minimum B2 level of English.

O que se aprende nesse curso?

Chemical characteristics and analysis of water
Microbial diversity and activity
Dynamic structure of aquatic communities
Analysis of water quality
Functioning and management of lakes and lagoons
Rain systems and reservoirs
Underground water
Diagnosis of quality of water systems
Water conditioning
Drainage of urban waste water
Treatment of waste water
Treatment of industrial waste water


Module 1. Water quality (12 compulsory ECTS credits)
  • Chemical characteristics and analysis of water (3 cr)
  • Microbial diversity and activity: effects on water quality and human Health (3 cr)
  • Structure and dynamics of aquatic communities (3 cr)
  • Water quality assessment: Methodology and Applications (3 cr)

Module 2. Water resources and systems (12 compulsory ECTS credits)
  • Lakes and lagoons: functioning and management (3 cr)
  • River and reservoir systems: functioning and management (3 cr)
  • Groundwater: Analysis and exploitation of groundwater resources (3 cr)
  • Diagnosis of water resource quality: practical cases (3 cr)

Module 3. Water technology (12 compulsory ECTS credits)
  • Water conditioning (3 cr)
  • Urban wastewater treatment (3 cr)
  • Industrial wastewater treatment (3cr)
  • Applying technology to practical cases (3 cr)

Informação adicional

The master's degree price for foreign students non residents in Spain, non nationals from EU, Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein, Switzerland or Andorra is € 65,41 per credit ECTS. Year 2013-2014.