Years of tradition in with a modern approach

Master's Degree in Industrial Engineering (MII)

Universidad Pontificia Comillas
Em Madrid (Espanha)

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Tipologia Mestrado
Início Madrid (Espanha)
Duração 6 Mêses
Créditos 120
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  • Mestrado
  • Madrid (Espanha)
  • Duração:
    6 Mêses
  • Créditos: 120
  • práticas na empresa

Counting on a 100-year tradition in program, this Master's degree course combines all its history on forming new professionals to the new tendencies in Engineering and all that relies to business management concerning this area, that nowadays depends more and more on communication and leadership skills. The program is divided in traditional, theoretical training on basic aspects of engineering, specific knowledge to the specialist in the area and an internship that offers a good opportunity for learning in a real-life experience, testing and improving the multidisciplinary training these Engineers must obtain to be good professionals nowadays.

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Início Localização

C/ Alberto Aguilera 23, 28015, Madrid, Espanha
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C/ Alberto Aguilera 23, 28015, Madrid, Espanha
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Perguntas frequentes:

· Quais são os objetivos deste curso?

Provide a broad view in business and engineering topics. Train professional's skills on leadership and multidisciplinary work. Offer real-life experiences through in-company internships. Combine all the tradition of the school with the new international tendencies in the teaching of professionals.

· Público alvo

Those who hold a Bachelor's Degree in Engineering or Industrial Mechanics who aim to improve their Knowledge in this field. Applicants may also be part of a double-degree program, one they come from other institution that has established any partnership with Comillas.

· Requisitos

A Bachelor's Degree in Electromechanical Engineering obtained in Comillas or a similar Degree obtained in another institution, if the student has a strong academic record. If the student holds any kind of equivalent undergraduate degree, they may apply if they complete the additional, preparatory course.

· O que distingue este curso dos outros?

Years of tradition on teaching Engineering combined with a modern approach of the topics, considering all the new tendencies in the market lately. All this summarized at the end in an internship.

· O que acontece depois de uma solicitação de mais informações?

The student committee requires proof of the student's academic background and level of command of English, a cover letter and an optional interview. This committee studies all the applications and deliberates about the candidates. When their decision is made, they get in touch with the candidate and inform all the necessary steps to complete the enrollment, via email or post.

O que se aprende nesse curso?

Industrial Economics


This Master is a 2 year program. During the first year students will be centered around engineering for industrial systems although it also includes various management-related modules.

During the the second year, students will focus on completing the business training and on an engineering project that will form the Master's Thesis. In this second year, a range of Optional Modules can be studied in different areas, including: the electric power sector, railway systems, industrial organizations, etc.

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