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Management Engineering

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Politecnico di Bari
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Tipologia Bachelor's degree
Local Bari (Italy)
Duração 3
  • Bachelor's degree
  • Bari (Italy)
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The course in Management Engineering offers to students a solid preparation in the basic sciences (mathematical analysis, chemistry, physics, geometry and algebra), and in the disciplines characterizing the field of Management Engineering (for example, economics and business organization, business and project management, economic systems, mechanical and general materials technology, design and quality of production processes, industrial plant).
At the end of the course, the students possess the ability to tackle and solve problems involved in the design and management of technological, logistics, industrial and tertiary system. The knowledge of possible methodological approaches and relevant techniques for qualitative-quantitative management permits a systemic view of those complex systems.



Bari (Italy)
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Francesco Mastrolonardo
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A melhorar: I am really disappointed with this university. Sometimes students had to sit on the ground because they had no more tables. Chaos everywhere.
Curso realizado: Dezembro 2016
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O que se aprende nesse curso?

Fluid Dynamics
Quality Training
Management Engineering
Economic Systems
Industrial plants


First year

  • Mathematical Analysis 
  • Geometry and Algebra
  • General Physics 
  • Fundamentals of Computer Science 
  • Chemistry 
  • Methods for Technical Drawing 
  • Methods of Optimization 
  • Business and Economics Organization English 

Second year

  • Economic Systems 
  • Principles of Electrical Engineering 
  • Solid Mechanics + Elements of Machine 
  • Mechanics Materials Technology + Mechanical Technologies 
  • Thermal Physics + Energy Systems
  • Elements of Mechanical 
  • Design 
  • Fluid Dynamics

Third year

  • Production Process
  • Design +Quality 
  • Business and Project Management
  • Industrial Plants 
  • Workplace Safety
  • Elective course 
  • Internship

Informação adicional

Professional opportunities

The employment and professional opportunities available for are in the field of engineering such as the evaluation of decisions based on tangible and intangible technical–economic process variables or auxiliary IT systems for business management.

The specific professional areas of this learning pathway are in the industrial, manufacturing and service sectors, as well as independent professional activities. With reference to the industrial and manufacturing sectors, a significant number of graduates find an employment inthe mechanical and agriculture sectors, food and pharmaceutical industries.

In the tertiary sector, graduates can work in public companies (for example healthcare, transport, utilities) and private ones (for example telecommunications, banking and financial services, business consultancy).

The wide range of skills,provided by the learning pathway, leads to actual employment of the Management Engineer in many industrial production contexts and advanced Information and Communication services.

Graduates can apply for the access to the following regulated professions:
- Junior Industrial Engineer
- Graduate Industrial Inspector