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Logistics Management Level 1

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Logistics Management

Improve your qualifications and skill level with ILC’s Logistics Management Course. In modern business world the demand of Logistics management and Supply Chain Management Courses is increasing at a faster rate. Modern Organisations are hiring the individuals having professional Certification in Logistics Management or Supply Chain Management. Inspire London College offers the individuals a golden opportunity to learn the new evolving trends of logistics with Logistics Management course. The course is prepared under the supervision of highly skilled professionals that will provide the better insight knowledge of the logistics world.

Inspire London College’s management and teaching staff will be there for your assistance for 24 hours a day and 7 days in a week. After enrolling for this course you will get access to our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) /Moodle and all the study materials and assessments will be available at VLE/Moodle.

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Quais são os objetivos da formação?

Learning Objectives

After taking Logistics Management Course the students will be able to understand;

Significance of Logistics Management in Modern Supply chains
Objectives of a logistics system
Different components of a logistics system
Understanding the logistics cycle and activities involved in it
The different logistics strategies
Importance and purpose of Logistics Information Management System
Reporting in a Logistics Information Management system
The role of logistics management system in decision making process
Inventory Control System
How to select an inventory control system for logistics operations?
How to establish a logistics design within an organisation?

Esta formação é para mim?

Logistics Management Course has been designed for a variety of audience interested in exploring the world of logistics.

The individuals having a keen interest in logistics management or supply chain management are the primary focus for this course.
The employees already working in the organisation and want to improve their existing skills, knowledge and position are also advised to take this course.
Individuals want to improve their qualifications and their CV’s for getting a better job in the field of Logistics and supply chain management.

Preço para usuários Emagister: After course completion, the students will need to pay £79 for endorsed certificate and £15 for the postal charges.

Requisitos: Students seeking to enrol for this course should meet the following requirements; Basic knowledge of English Language Be age 16 years or above

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O que se aprende nesse curso?

Supply Chain Management
Logistics Management
Supply Chain Logistics
Supply and Chain Management
Supply Chain Strategy
Supply cost analysis
Supply Chain


Course Programme:

The Certificate in Logistics Management includes three-four mandatory units. The overall course is of 40 credit hours Certificate and its guided learning hours (GLH) are 160 hours.

Following units are included in Logistics Management Certificate.

Unit 1: Introduction to Logistics Management

  • Introduction to Logistics Management
  • Understand Key Logistics Terms
  • Significance of Logistics in Supply Chains
  • Logistics Systems
  • Logistics Cycle; Organising the Logistics Activities
  • Different Logistic Strategies

Unit 2:Understanding Logistics Management Information Systems

  • Logistics Management Information System
  • Types of Logistics Records
  • Reporting Systems and Summary Reports
  • Using Logistics Management System for Decision Making

Unit 3: Inventory Control Systems in Logistics Management

  • Inventory Control Systems
  • Objectives of Inventory Control System
  • Fundamental Terms in Inventory Control
  • Types of Maximum-Minimum Inventory Control Systems
  • Setting Up Max-Minimum Levels
  • Selection of an Appropriate Max-Min Control System

Unit 4: Logistics System Design Process

  • Introduction to Logistics System Design
  • Logistics System Design Process
  • Elements of a System Design
  • System Design Considerations
  • Efficient and Effective Logistics Systems