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A Level Biology Course – AQA

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Tipologia A Level
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  • A Level
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A level Biology, This course covers the brand new specification. Biology is the natural science concerned with the study of life and living organisms, including their structure, function, growth, origin, evolution, distribution, and taxonomy.

This distance learning Biology A Level course contains all the information you will need to pass the A-Level biology exam. A levels are completed over a two year period without need to sit an AS exam first (England only) . Both parts are covered here providing students with an opportunity to acheive their full A level AQA certification and invaluable UCAS points. Perfect for students looking to gain a university place.

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Suitable for those students with interest in joining the pet care industry and hoping to move to pursue it as a career in the future or for those wanting to become a responsible pet owner.

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Once your information is received one of our course advisers will provide you with further information via email or telephone.

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Requisitos: Students looking to enroll onto this course should meet the following criteria: Be aged 16 Years or above, possess a solid knowledge of the English language, have access to a PC and the internet for the duration of the whole course, basic computer skills: e.g Word processing, emailing, uploading documents etc Have a genuine desire to succeed.

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Former Student
O melhor: I have just finished a course in Animal Care with UK Open College. Regardless of the 12 months learning period I have figured out how to finish all assignments in a little more than 5 months so I am to a great degree satisfied with myself. A major thank you to Brian for his stunning remarks and input all through my learning period. My coach was there to guide me in a very pleasant manner to put things right. The good thing is you can resubmit to enhance as and when it is expected to. I have already prescribed the school to my companion at work who is keen on doing a few courses.
A melhorar: Nothing.
Curso realizado: Fevereiro 2017
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Tina Rush
O melhor: This course was brilliant from the very beginning. I would highlly recommend this course if you want to study from home.
A melhorar: Nothing.
Curso realizado: Dezembro 2016
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Animal Nutrition
Animal Behaviour
Animal Care
Animal Biology
Pet Care
Pet Grooming
Pet breeding
Animal grooming
Animal First Aid
Animal Nutrition
Animal First Aid


Course Syllabus

Learners will complete 8 units of study in total as listed below.

  • Topic 1: Biological molecules
  • Topic 2: Cells
  • Topic 3: Organisms exchange substances with their environment
  • Topic 4: Genetic information, variation and relationships between organisms
  • Topic 5: Energy transfers in and between organisms
  • Topic 6: Organisms respond to changes in their internal and external environments
  • Topic 7: Genetic populations, evolution and ecosystems
  • Topic 8: The control of gene expressions

The AQA A-Level Biology exam is available in May/June each year. It is assessed over 3 exam papers:

  • Paper 1 7402/1 – 2 hour exam
  • Paper 2 7402/2 – 2 hour exam
  • Paper 3 7402/3 – 2 hour exam

Optional practical assessment – It is possible for students to receive an A Level Biology qualification without completing the practical assessment. Your certificate will state you have not completed this and can harm your chances of gaining a place at university or getting a job.

Practical Assessment

Your A Level grade will be based on your written examinations. However, in order to receive your A Level you must also undergo a separate endorsement of 12 practical skills. These are listed below:

  1. Use appropriate apparatus to record a range of quantitative measurements (to include mass, time, volume, temperature, length and pH)
  2. Use appropriate instrumentation to record quantitative measurements, such as colorimeter or polotemeter
  3. Use laboratory glassware apparatus for a variety of experimental techniques to include serial dilutions
  4. Use of a light microscope at high power and low power, including use of graticule
  5. Produce scientific drawing from observation with annotations
  6. Use qualitative reagents to identify biological molecules
  7. Separate biological compounds using thin layer/paper chromatography or electrophoresis
  8. Safely and ethically use organisms to measure plant or animal responses/ physiological functions
  9. Use microbial aseptic techniques, including the use of agar plates and broth
  10. Safely use instruments for dissection of an animal organ, or plant organ
  11. Use sampling techniques in fieldwork
  12. Use ICT such as computer modelling, or data logger to collect data, or use software to process data