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      Wouldn’t it be great to put yourself into the business of helping people? The hospitality industry is always looking for talented individuals who want to find success while helping to brighten people’s days. Is the hospitality industry for you? Do you meet any or all of the following criteria?

      Do you enjoy helping people?
      Do you like being a host or hostess?
      Do you have a passion for food?
      Do you want a career where you are in a position of control?
      If any of these sound like you, our online Hotel & Catering Management course can help you start a new career doing something that you love. Our course will open up a lot of opportunities for you, whether you are looking to start your own hotel or catering company, or you would just like to climb the ladder at the hotel at which you currently work.

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      Quais são os objetivos da formação?

      In our comprehensive online course, you will learn:

      Food science
      Food production and service
      How to run a front office
      How to manage and coordinate housekeeping services
      Basic accounting, marketing, sales, communication, and customer service strategies and techniques
      How to use technology to your advantage

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      Curso realizado: Abril 2018
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      O que se aprende nesse curso?

      Office IT
      Ms Office
      Catering Management
      Office IT
      Office IT


      Module 1: Hospitality management
      1.1 Operating a hotel or catering company
      1.2 Projecting comfort and ease
      1.3 Elevating your business
      1.4 Making a profit

      Module 2: Food science
      2.1 Chemistry of cooking
      2.2 Food preservation
      2.3Food technology
      2.4 Nutrition

      Module 3: Food production
      3.1 Basic cooking styles
      3.2 Basic cooking methods
      3.3 Food handling
      3.4 Menu planning
      3.5 Pricing

      Module 4: Food & beverage service
      4.1 Planning the event
      4.2 Types of catering options
      4.3 Greeting and receiving guests
      4.4 Food service
      4.5 Bar service
      4.6 Coordinating in hotel restaurants

      Module 5: Hotel roles
      5.1 Food & beverage management
      5.2 Maître
      5.3 Chef/Cook
      5.4 Butlers
      5.5 Porters
      5.6 Housekeeping staff

      Module 6: Hotel front office
      6.1 Coordination
      6.2 Accommodating guests
      6.3 Promoting deals and special offers
      6.4 Cashiering and handling money

      Module 7: Back office management
      7.1 Supporting the front office
      7.2 Managing employees
      7.3 Special programs
      7.4 Managing bookings
      7.5 Attracting guests and VIP’s

      Module 8: Housekeeping & laundry operation
      8.1 Staging the room
      8.2 Hygiene and health
      8.3 Laundry services
      8.4 Accommodating guests

      Module 9: Accounting
      9.1 Keeping proper records
      9.2 Balancing the book
      9.3 Cost analysis
      9.4 Calculating loss and gain
      9.5 Analysing and maximizing profit

      Module 10: Sales & marketing
      10.1 Customer satisfaction
      10.2 Attracting and keeping customers
      10.3 Understanding the consumer
      10.4 Pricing
      10.5 Deals, promotions, coupons, etc.
      10.6 Procedures Manual

      Module 11: Communication
      11.1 Helping customers
      11.2 Handling stressful situations
      11.3 Communication strategies
      11.4 Communicating between departments
      11.5 Managing complaints and concerns

      Module 12:Applications of technology
      12.1 Basic business computers
      12.2 Information technology
      12.3 Catering management tools
      12.4 Making your business shine

      Module 13: Hotel security and health & safety
      13.1 Necessary security positions
      13.2 Fire and emergency safety
      13.3 In room security and safety
      13.4 First Aid and response plans
      13.5 Making guest feel safe and comfortable