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Forensic Anthropology

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This course will focus on the field of forensic anthropology and the techniques used to analyse human skeletal remains including the estimation of sex, age at death, stature, and the identification of any traumatic lesions present. It will further discuss the role of the forensic anthropologist as part of the medicolegal system.This course is led by Catherine Gaither, a Bioarchaeologist and Forensic Anthropologist. Catherine has been analysing skeletal remains for over 20 years and she wants to share some of the knowledge and experience she has gained with you.Enrol on this course today and pursue a career forensic science, biology, forensic medicine, medicine, osteology, human anatomy, bioarchaeology, or archaeology.

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Quais são os objetivos da formação?

37 lectures, with 45 minutes of video content plus in depth powerpoint slides.
Learn how to analyse skeletons to gain amazing information about the life of an individual
Identify the major bones of the human skeleton
Estimate the sex, stature and age at death of the individual from skeletal elements;
Estimate ancestry from skeletal remains
Understand the ethical considerations of importance to physical anthropologists and forensic anthropologists.
People who are interested in pursuing a career in forensic science, biology, forensic medicine, medicine, osteology, human anatomy, bioarchaeology, or archaeology can all benefit from this course.

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Course Outline
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Introduction to Anthropology

The Field of Anthropology
What is Anthropology?
What is Anthropology - Slides

Forensic Anthropology
Forensic anthropology
Forensic Anthropology - Slides

Human Osteology
Human Osteology intro
Human Osteology and Skeletal Biology Slides
Supplemental bone identification

Comparative Osteology
Comparative Osteology - Slides
Supplemental comparative osteology

Estimation of sex from skeletal remains
Estimating sex from skeletal elements
Estimating sex from human remains - Slides
Sex Estimation Exercise

Estimating age at death from skeletal remains
Estimating age at death from skeletal remains
Estimate age at death - Slides
Supplemental age estimation Part 1
Supplemental age estimation Part 2
Age Estimation Exercise

Estimating stature, BMI, and MNI
Estimating Stature, BMI, and MNI
Estimating stature, BMI, and MNI - Slides
Stature, BMI & MNI calculation form

Estimating ancestral affiliation
Estimating ancestry
Estimating Ancestry - Slides
Supplemental ancestry estimation
Ancestry Estimation Exercise

Analyzing bones for trauma
Analyzing trauma
How does trauma present on the skeleton; Projectile trauma
Sharp force trauma
Blunt force trauma
Supplemental trauma analysis
Trauma Exercise

Writing it up!
Writing it up! How to produce a professional report
Writing it up - Slides

Ethical Considerations
Ethical considerations intro
Physical anthropology code of ethics
Forensic anthropology code of ethics
Ethical code for human rights work

Exercise Answers
Age Estimations Answers
Ancestry Estimation Answers
Sex Estimation Answers
Trauma Answers

Bonus Materials: Textbooks
Supplemental textbook recommendations