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The 2-year programme in Footwear & Accessories Design is a comprehensive and in-depth course, combining the study of artisanal craftsmanship with avant-garde
innovation, and qualifying students to design and plan footwear and accessory collections that hit today’s competitive market with success, being both in line with market
demands and efficient from a production point of view. Through the course, students develop a full professional profile and technical skill set, starting with a theoretical
study of: the history and evolution of the global footwear and accessory market; marketing techniques including brand and product positioning, pricing and competition;
development and merchandising strategies; and trend research. The course also places emphasis on specific practical skills which cover the entire manufacturing process of
footwear and accessories, such as: technical drawing; the creation of technical specification sheets; the use of computer programmes such as Adobe Photoshop and
Illustrator; and a thorough analysis of the pattern making process, including examining the different technologies linked to materials such as polymers and resins; 3D
printing; and the cutting and assembly of paper and cardboard patterns for numerous different types of shoes and bags.

Each module contains a mix of lectures and direct professional experience through workshops. The course is taught by professionals currently working within businesses in
the fashion sector. This means that students are taught the most up-to-date methods and professional techniques, that they are continually in contact with the real world
of work, and that they are connected with important fashion brands right from the start of their training




Milano (Itália)
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Via Montenapoleone, 5, 20121



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High School diploma and suitable level of English or Italian.

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  • Marketing
  • Merchandising
  • Footwear Design
  • Fashion design
  • Accessories Design


Year I: Subject Areas

Marketing Techniques
History of Accessories and Footwear
Computer Graphics for Fashion
Planning Methodology
Planning & Development of Footwear and Accessory Collections
Trends & ResearchTrend Hunting

Year II: Subject Areas

Technical Drawing
Pattern Making
From Merchandising Plan to Product
Technical Specifications
Footwear and Bags Collection Development


Workshops form an essential part of the course, and include practical experiences that take place both in the school and at external locations.

LandLab External visits to important places within the Milan fashion industry as well as visits to showrooms, libraries and museums, and analyses of fashion sites.

BrandLab Direct contact with brands and comprise visits, seminars and meetings with businesses from the fashion and luxury sectors (product, service and communication).

EventLab Participation in important sector events such as fashion shows, catwalks and exhibitions.

A week-long full-time project based on a fashion company order.

Events and meetings with professionals, exploring new trends and innovations in fashion and luxury.

Second Year Workshop: Project Communication

Students first learn how to structure a thesis, and then acquire structuringtechniques for the final presentation, both in terms of materials and in terms of the speech in front of the Examination Committee. Students are also expected to spend time independently working on their thesis project.

Footwear & Accessories Design

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