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Food & Beverage Management

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International Open Academy
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One of the most satisfying aspects of catering is being able to help make someone’s celebration go smoothly. As a caterer, you will be helping people celebrate some of the most important milestones and moments in their life, and being able to see the smile on your client’s faces when you give them a time they will not forget is priceless

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Quais são os objetivos da formação?

you will gain mastery in the following topics to help you make your business as desirable as possible to prospective clients:

Foodservice management
Catering management
Product development
Beverage management
With the level of understanding that we provide to you in these concepts, you will leave our course prepared to wow your clients with your knowledge and expert service of food and beverages.

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Tam Van Wyk
O melhor: The practice questions were helpful in preparing me for the exam questions for each section. All in all, a comprehensive and well executed course. Highly recommended. Good course overall.
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Curso realizado: Abril 2018
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O que se aprende nesse curso?

Hospitality Management
Customer Service
Event Planning
Culinary Arts
Pricing techniques
Food & Beverage Management
Food & Beverage Management
Food & Beverage Management


Module 1: Foodservice management
1.1 Introduction to foodservice industry
1.2 Responsible foodservice
1.3 Foodservice procedures
1.4 Event planning
1.5 Marketing yourself

Module 2: Catering
2.1 Scale and size
2.2 Product & service development
2.3 Menu planning & pricing
2.4 Working with the client
2.5 Culture & cuisine

Module 3: Nutrition
3.1 Introduction to nutrition
3.2 Keeping cuisine healthy
3.3 Remaining health conscious
3.4 Sustainable foods

Module 4: Beverage management
4.1 Beverage service laws and regulations
4.2 Beverage trends
4.3 Pricing and purchasing
4.4 Basics of beer, wine, and liquor

Module 5: Product development
5.1 Understanding ingredients
5.2 Analysing demand and need
5.3 Market research
5.4 Tapping into trends
5.5 Understanding your product