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      First Aid Diploma Course

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      Tipologia Curso
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      Horário de aulas 150h
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      • Curso
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      What will you learn?
      First aid training will equip you with the awareness and practical capabilities of how to react if the worst happens. It’s the knowledge of how to help someone that collapses, cuts themselves, gets hurt in an emergency situation or finds themselves in a medical emergency.
      The first module of the course introduces the topic and gives helpful information on how to approach an accident, injured person, or someone in need of help. This module also covers the commitment that places of work have, to have employees trained in first aid.
      Touched upon in the proceeding module, module 2 discusses the role of the person who is first on scene/ the first responder, it also discusses environmental considerations and guides students through some situations that they may find themselves in. Also outlined here is what you should have in a basic first aid kit and what a natural or holistic first aid kit should include.
      Moving directly on from module 2, module 3 shows you how to assess a patient and talks through how to perform CPR on adults, children, and infants. Also taught is: how to correctly monitor a pulse, how to get someone into the recovery position and why you would do this, and when a Public Access Defibrillator (PAD) should be used.
      Each of the modules 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 of the First Aid Diploma Course go into specific areas of first aid, discussing when and how treatment should be given and in which situation you would not use certain techniques to treat a patient. These are the practical modules that give you step-by-step instruction on how to assess a patient and give relevant care to patients suffering from: choking and anaphylaxis, heat and cold conditions, burns and scalds, bleeding and shock, or bone and tissue injuries.
      Module 9 summarises what has been learnt in the previous modules, whilst also teaching what to do in a medical emergency and discussing first aid in the context of the law.

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      Aaron Customer
      O melhor: I enjoyed a lot, Great service provided by Centre of Excellence. Course material is comprehensive and easy to follow.
      A melhorar: All ok
      Curso realizado: Maio 2018
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      O melhor: A very informative website, with all information needed. I called initially with a question. It was very easy to get hold of someone, and spoke to someone who was able to answer all my questions. I then had a follow up call ensuring I was aware of all deals they currently have on, and they helped me through the booking process.
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      Curso realizado: Maio 2018
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      Rebecca Parry
      O melhor: Learning content was brilliant and was packed with information. The support was great from online tutors.
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      Curso realizado: Maio 2018
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      O melhor: I have been very impressed with the content and delivery of this course. It has been a nice mix of learning materials, with both video and reading material. I especially liked the encouragement to try various tasks to aid learning. I have nearly finished the course, there has been ongoing assessment with feedback which has been fairly immediate with no delays.
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      Curso realizado: Novembro 2017
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      O que se aprende nesse curso?

      First Aid
      Medical Emergency
      IT Law
      Training First Aid
      Medical training


      Module 1: What is First Aid?

      • Part 1: 7 Step Reaction
      • Part 2: First Aid at Work
      • Module 1 Assessment

      Module 2: First On Scene

      • Part 1: First on Scene
      • Part 2: The First Aid Environment
      • Module 2 Assessment

      Module 3: Initial Patient Contact

      • Part 1: Initial Patient Contact
      • Part 2: CPR Equipment
      • Module 3 Assessment

      Module 4: Choking and Anaphylaxis

      • Part 1: Choking
      • Part 2: Anaphylaxis
      • Module 4 Assessment

      Module 5: Heat and Cold

      • Part 1: Heat
      • Part 2: Hypothermia
      • Module 5 Assessment

      Module 6: Burns and Scalds

      • Part 1:Burns and Scalds
      • Part 2: When To Go To Hospital
      • Module 6 Assessment

      Module 7: Bleeding and Shock

      • Part 1: Bleeding
      • Part 2: Shock
      • Module 7 Assessment

      Module 8: Bone and Tissue Injuries

      • Part 1: Bone and Tissue Injuries
      • Part 2: First Aid
      • Module 8 Assessment

      Module 9: First Aid Diploma

      • Part 1: First Aid and the Law
      • Part 2: Medical Emergencies
      • Module 9 Assessment