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Holly and Hugo

Dog Behavior & Training

Holly and Hugo
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Tipologia Curso
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Horário de aulas 30h
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  • 30h
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Get inside your dog’s mind to reap the results of reward-based dog training. Through an understanding of dog psychology you move onto motivating your best buddy using rewards and how to cope with bad behavior, as well as learning a lexicon of basic commands. Included in the course is how to crate train and how to clicker train. In addition you’ll understand the motivation behind problem behaviors such as barking and digging, and learn how to correct them. And finally, the ‘Advanced commands’ teaches you vital training cues that give you control in tricky situations.

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Quais são os objetivos da formação?

What skills you will master with this course include:

How to master reward-based training so your dog eagerly looks forward to learning together and is eager to please
You will discover the magic of the clicker, and also understand how to train effectively using a clicker and reward-based training
Feel confident teaching basic commands, which could save your dog’s life, such as “Sit”, “Stay” and a rock solid recall.
How to correct irritating behaviors such as barking, digging, and jumping up (amongst many others)
Understand how to reassure an anxious dog in a way that lessens their fears rather than inadvertently reinforces them
Learn advanced commands such as “Come away” and “Look” that put you back in control in tricky situations where your dog may over react.
Know why the wolf-pack theory of dominance just doesn’t hold water for dogs
Know how to create train any dog successfully so they happily go into their ‘den’ when you need to go out.
Generally improve the relationship with your fur-friend through an understanding of how their mind works, what motivates them, and how to make your dog feel secure.

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All audiences.

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Animal Nutrition
Animal Behaviour
Dog Handling
Emotional Intelligence
Animal Care
Animal Biology
Pet Care
Animal grooming
Dog Behavior
Animal Psychology
Pet Psychology


Understand how to use dog psychology to train and correct bad behaviors.

Module 1: Dog Psychology
1.1 Debunking dominance theory
1.2 How a dog really thinks
1.3 Brain power
1.4 What every dog secretly craves

Module 2: Basic Training - Theory
2.1 Learning objectives
2.2 Preventing conflict and anxiety
2.3 How dogs learn
2.4 Principles of reward-based training

Module 3: Basic Training - Practical
3.1 Introduction
3.2 Clicker training
3.3 Crate training
3.4 House training
3.5 Sit
3.6 Lead walking
3.7 Recall
3.8 How to react to bad behavior

Module 4: Correcting Problem Behaviors
4.1 Anxiety and fear (See also: Separation anxiety)
4.2 Aggression
4.3 Bad manners
4.4 Barking
4.5 Begging
4.6 Digging
4.7 Food guarding
4.8 House soiling
4.9 Inter-dog tension
4.10 Jumping up
4.11 Leaving objects
4.12 Over excited dogs
4.13 Poor recall
4.14 Possessiveness
4.15 Pulling on the leash
4.16 Separation anxiety
4.17 Small dog syndrome

Module 5: Advanced Training
5.1 Bark/Quiet
5.2 Down/Drop
5.3 Come Away
5.4 Leave
5.5 Give/Drop
5.6 Look
5.7 NO (vs attention seeking behavior)

Module 6: Make your Dog happy
6.1 Training
6.2 Guidance
6.3 Play
6.4 Relaxation
6.5 Praise