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Wondering if the digital, online world will continue to grow? Perhaps more people will buy products and services online. Do you want to be part of this online revolution personally or professionally? This is the program for you. Diploma in Digital Marketing aims to help students realize that the digital world will continue to expand and there will be many opportunities for those willing to learn now. In this course, you will learn skills to help you generate income online so register today and start learning the skills you need to succeed.





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Audrina Jones
O melhor: I have enjoyed doing my online course in Diploma in Digital Marketing. I would definitely use Adams Academy again in the near future. The course has been very easy to take in at my own pace. As for the customer service team, they have been extremely helpful over the phone and also on live chat. I highly recommend Adams Academy!
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Curso realizado: Abril 2017
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Digital Marketing
Sales Training
Social networks
Google PPC


  • LESSON 1: The Start of Your Success begins with Online Fundamentals:
Starting this course, we look into case studies of successful online businesses and find out how to replicate their success. Concepts to know include lead generation, building customer database, and how to generate conversations that will bring in real profit and success from the get go.

  • LESSON 2: Know what kind of Audience you should target - Who is Your Customer?
Do you have a clear idea of who your customer is? Do you know how much you spent in order to get that customer? Do you know how much each client contributes to your business? In this lesson, you will understand these essential concepts that affect economics and profitable trading.

  • LESSON 3: Google PPC & SEO - Acquiring the Right Leads for Less
PPC lets businesses bid for particular keywords related to their product or service. But more than the bidding, what’s more important is the tracking. In this lesson, you will know how to bid for keywords and then track them for your business success. We will also learn techniques on how to make customers find you easily online through organic and paid searches.

  • LESSON 4: Develop Strategic Partnerships Online with Affiliate Marketing
When done correctly and with an irresistible proposition, Affiliate Marketing can truly be an incredible way to grow your income without having to spend a huge budget on upfront marketing. In this section, we will find out how to optimize these powerful symbiotic online relationships and generate leads that will turn to real sales.

  • LESSON 5: Targeted Advertising for Lead Generation using Facebook
Want to know how you can get and keep the right customers? You can do that with a good lead generation that you will learn in this lesson. We will study how to create relevant content, get that content to the right audience, and finally turn those leads into conversions.

  • LESSON 6: Nurturing Your Leads by understanding Sales Funnel
What do you do next after you get a lot of leads and traffic? Understanding the sales funnel will help you know the percentage of customers you lose on each stage of the funnel. It’s a common mistake for businesses to put in to much energy and resources on customers who will simply not buy. When you know the right audience you must focus on, then you can correct this mistake effectively. Here is where nurturing steps in. In this lesson, you will know how to build trust, add value, and monetize or convert your leads into sales.

  • LESSON 7: Data Driven Marketing and Sales - Maximum Return
In this lesson, you will have the skills to consolidate data and interpret it correctly to drive sales forward. Business success should always be measured with data and there is a lot to understand in the digital marketing field. The good news is numbers don’t lie. If you can effectively manage your data, you are one step closer to business success.

  • LESSON 8: Effective Strategy for Retention and Recurring Revenue
Having a clear and concise strategy is absolutely important in digital marketing. You will know how to do just that in this lesson. At the later part, we will go to post sales cycle and how to make your customers your loyal clients. Customers are really profitable if you get to keep them for weeks, months, and years but they will only stick around if you do a brilliant job.

This is an online course with live classes.

Course duration: 4 Weeks, Part-time