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If you are passionate about helping others and want to work in the health care field, why not consider a degree in Nursing? The Nursing Degree program at UIC trains its students to the highest calibur and provides them with the skills they need to launch successfully their new careers. This four year program includes a comprehensive curriculum packed with interesting and highly relevant courses. Some of the coursework students will take includes classes in anthropology, pathology, pharmacology, public health and community nursing. Students will also learn about the biology of caregiving and study and gain hands- on experience in caregiving for the young, for adults and for the elderly. There will also be coursework in nursing care methodology. The UIC is highly committed to its students' development as well as to the health of the general society. The university understands its role in education the next generation of health care providers and recognizes this responsibility as a privilege. The UIC takes the training of nurses very seriously and attempts to harmonize theory and practice.




Barcelona (Espanha)
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  • Anthropology
  • Biology of Caregiving
  • Public Health
  • Pathology
  • General Clinical Nursing
  • Caregiving for Adults
  • Caregiving for the Elderly
  • Community Nursing
  • Pharmacology
  • Scientific English
  • Nursing Simulation Labs
  • Psychosocial Sciences


Subjects in course 1
Type Term ECTS
Nursing Simulation Labs I PR Anual 4,00
Biology of Caregiving FB Sem.1 6,00
Communication and Knowledge Management FB Sem.1 6,00
General Anthropology FB Sem.1 6,00
Structure and Function of the Human Body I FB Sem.1 6,00
Nursing Care Through History OB Sem.1 6,00
Scientific English in Nursing FB Sem.2 6,00
Structure and Function of the Human Body II FB Sem.2 6,00
Nursing Care Methodology OB Sem.2 6,00
Introductory Practicum I PR Sem.2 8,00

Subjects in course 2
Type Term ECTS
Nursing Simulation Labs II PR Anual 4,00
Anthropology of Health FB Sem.1 6,00
General Pathology I FB Sem.1 6,00
Psychosocial Sciences and Mental Health FB Sem.1 6,00
General Clinical Nursing OB Sem.1 6,00
Public Health OB Sem.1 4,00
General Pathology II FB Sem.2 6,00
Community Nursing OB Sem.2 4,00
Pharmacology OB Sem.2 3,00
General Practicum I PR Sem.2 7,50
General Practicum II PR Sem.2 7,50

Subjects in course 3
Type Term ECTS
Nursing Labs III PR Anual 4,00
Care Management OB Sem.1 4,00
Caregiving for Adults I OB Sem.1 5,00
Caregiving from Birth to Adolescence OB Sem.1 7,00
Advanced Practicum I PR Sem.1 6,00
Advanced Practicum II PR Sem.1 6,00
Caregiving for Adults II OB Sem.2 11,00
Caregiving for the Elderly OB Sem.2 4,00
Advanced Practicum III PR Sem.2 6,50
Advanced Practicum IV PR Sem.2 6,50

Subjects in course 4
Type Term ECTS
Mentions and Elective OP Anual 30,00
Synthesis Practicum I PR Sem.1 9,00
Synthesis Practicum II PR Sem.2 9,00
Final Degree Project TF Sem.2 12,00

Degree in Nursing

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