Degree in Architecture

Universitat Internacional de Catalunya
Em Barcelona (Espanha)

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Tipologia Ensino fundamental
Início Barcelona (Espanha)
Duração 5 Anos
  • Ensino fundamental
  • Barcelona (Espanha)
  • Duração:
    5 Anos

Are you interested in a career as an architect? If so, then look no further than this program from UIC. Escola Tècnica Superior d' Arquitectura (ESARQ) is the only school of architecture in Spain which teaches compulsory subjects on cooperation, sustainability and accessibility. With an education from UIC, you will be able to stay current with the latest in sustainable, eco-friendly design. This program includes a comprehensive curriculum and students will study a wide range of topics. From basic pre-requisites such as English composition and mathematics, to specific courses such as graphic expression, structures, projects and sustainability, students will constantly be learning new things and improving upon the skills which will make them great architects. Included in the program are various vertical workshops, town planning and a final degree project. The program emphasizes hands-on learning throughout the course, but there will also be a required external practicum. UIC seeks to graduate students who will be confident in what they have learned and will be ready to apply it on the job.

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Início Localização
Immaculada, 22, 8017, Barcelona, Espanha
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Início Consultar
Immaculada, 22, 8017, Barcelona, Espanha
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O que se aprende nesse curso?

Graphic Expression
Town Planning
Information technology
Vertical Workshop
Introduction to Architectural Projects



Subjects in course 1

Analysis of Forms Graphic Expression Introduction to the History of Art and Architecture Mathematics Information Technology Introduction to Architectural Construction Introduction to Architectural Projects Physics Subjects in course 2
Composition 1 Construction 1 English 1 Projects 1 Structures 1 Thought 1 Vertical Workshop 1 Composition 2 Construction 2 Forum Esarq 1 Projects 2 Thought 2 Town Planning 1 Subjects in course 3
Accesibility Composition 3 Construction 3 English 2 Projects 3 Structures 2 Town Planning 2 Vertical Workshop 2 Composition 4 Construction 4 Ethics Forum ESARQ 2 Installations 1 Projects 4 Subjects in course 4
Construction 5 Cooperation 1 Installations 2 Projects 5 Structures 3 Sustainability 1 Vertical Workshop 3 ESARQ Option 1 ESARQ Option 3 Construction 6 Cooperation 2 Forum ESARQ 3 Projects 6 Theory & Critic of Architecture Town Planning 3 Subjects in course 5
Deontological Ethics Management Projects 7 Town Planning 4 Vertical Workshop 4 Construction 7 External Practical Training Forum ESARQ 4 Projects 8 Sustainability 2 ESARQ Option 2 ESARQ Option 4 Final Degree Project

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