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Criminology & Profiling

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Why wait around and watch as everyone else jumps into your dream career? Discover the new Criminology & Profiling course offered by International Open Academy and recently added on Emagister's catalogue!

Understanding criminology and profiling provides a backbone for understanding the motivation of criminals and prepares you to catch them before they cause more harm. This constantly growing field is producing police officers, investigators, and forensics experts who are more adept than ever at tracking down wrongdoers and bringing them to justice.

Whether you are looking to change careers, or you are a student looking for his or her first career, our online Criminology and Profiling course is specifically designed to give you the background you need to get started on your new life. The best criminologists are people who are: dedicated; ready and excited to help people; interested in how the human mind works; intrigued by difficult puzzles.

If you are one of them, enhance your skills with this new course. Visit and find out how to enrol!

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Criminologists have an exciting and fulfilling career, one that doesn't involve being stuck behind a desk all day! You get to be active, face new challenges daily, and, most importantly, help people.

This criminology course is for everyone who:

*loves thrillers and wants to understand how criminals are brought to justice
*enjoys the thrill of solving puzzles
*is curious about how evidence is gathered to solve crimes
*is fascinated by how a criminal mind works
*seeks information about the work of a forensic scientist
*wants to carve out a career as a criminal profiler
*is investigating a career as a detective
*is interested in working within criminology or profiling
*dreams of writing a best-selling thriller or crime script
*have an interest in sociology and psychology

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Requisitos: International Open Academy courses are designed for anyone with an interest in learning. No formal qualifications are required to study with us. Our courses are suitable if you want to learn new skills, start a new career, or if you're already working in a particular industry and wish to upgrade your talents and enhance your resume.

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Trista Dahlberg
O melhor: The course was good and I had an amazing time overall, wonderful time ahead. Thanks a lot for everything.
A melhorar: -
Curso realizado: Maio 2018
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O que se aprende nesse curso?

Forensic Psychology
Criminal Justice Law
Penal System
Legal Institutions
Forensic science
Victim support


Module 1: Introduction
What is crime?
What causes crime?
Introduction to profiling
Why is profiling important?

Module 2: Schools of thought
Theories of social structure
Symbolic interactionism
Individual theories
Biosocial theories

Module 3: Types and levels of crime
Misdemeanours and felonies
Personal crimes
Property crimes
Inchoate crimes
Statutory crimes

Module 4: Violent crimes
Sexual assault

Module 5: Punishment
Fines and sanctions
Death penalty
Parole and probation

Module 6: Forensic science
What is forensics and where did it start?
Modern forensics

Module 7: Profilers
Walter C. Langer
James A. Brussel
Howard Teten
Richard Walter and Robert D. Keppel
John Douglas and Robert Ressler
David Canter

Module 8: Phases of profiling
Examination of evidence
Classification of evidence
Examining the offender’s signature
Generating a profile

Module 9: Victimology
Criminal consequences
Victim proneness
Victim facilitation
Victim rights

Module 10: Famous case studies
Jack the Ripper
Florence Maybrick
Charles LeFarge
The Black Dahlia
Al Capone
Charles Manson
Ted Kaczynski
John Wayne Gacy
Ted Bundy