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      Criminal Psychology

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      Do you have a fascination for the way that criminals think and behave? This criminal psychology course brings you the opportunity to enter the mind of a criminal and understand the thought processes that some of the most famous criminals were experiencing. Dig deeper than what appears on the surface and get to the root causes of all crimes, the Criminal's psychology.Learn from Dr. Glenn Wilson who has decades of experience in the criminal psychology field and has been an expert witness for a number of high profile cases in the UK, including the acquittal of Colin Stagg for the Wimbledon Common murder in 1992 and the conviction of Rosemary West for the Gloucester killings which occurred in 1995.Take this course and gain an understanding of the thought process and psychology that criminals have and the impact that society has had on this. Learn what are the main causes from crime and the prevention methods that have been implemented as an attempt to decrease these figures, understand the role that prison plays as a deterrent and a rehabilitation process. This courses allows you to access the root causes for crimes committed by entering the mind of a criminal.

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      Quais são os objetivos da formação?

      48 video tutorials, PowerPoint style lectures explaining the psychology of criminals
      A course quiz to test your knowledge of the course
      A progressive learning experience, covering everything from the causes of crime to the rehabilitation process
      Learn the psychology and thought processes of some of the most famous criminals ever
      Learn from a teacher who has given expert witness in a number of high profile cases
      Also covers body language and lie detection! 

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      Criminal Psychology
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      What is Crime?

      Causes of Crime
      Causes of Crime Powerpoint
      Risk Factors
      Crime and Poverty
      Perceived Unfairness
      Moral Compass
      Conscience Failure
      Absent Fathers
      Too Much TV
      Lead Poisoning
      Criminal Genes

      Prevention of Crime
      Crime Prevention Powerpoint
      Security Devices
      Being Watched
      Zero Tolerance
      Pre-Crime Forecasts
      The Look of a Crook
      Is Criminality Adaptive?
      ADHD and Crime

      Punishment and Rehabilitation
      Punishment and Rehabilitation Powerpoint
      What is Prison For?
      Predicting Reoffense
      \Three Strikes\" Law
      Community Service
      Compulsory Crime
      Leopards and Spots

      Psychological Profiling of Serial Killers
      Profiling Serial Killers Powerpoint
      The Real Crackers
      Jack the Ripper
      FBI Profile
      Typical Serial Killers
      Common Motives
      Suffolk Strangler
      Organised vs Disorganised
      M.O. & Signatures
      Yorkshire Ripper
      Radex Model
      Charismatic & Intelligent
      Are Serial Killers Insane?
      Atypical Killers
      Female Killers
      A Profile is not Evidence

      Geographical Profiling
      Geographical Profiling Powerpoint
      Geographical Profiling
      The Railway Rapist
      Marauders vs Commuters
      Geo-profile Jack the Ripper
      Fulcrum Theory
      Disposal Sites
      Psychological Barriers
      Home Comforts
      Range of the Night
      The Mardi Gra

      Body Language of Lying
      Body Language of Liars Powerpoint
      Lies Big and Small
      Spotting Lies
      Good Liars
      Trustworthy Faces
      Smiles: Fake vs Felt
      Micro Expressions
      Emotional Leakage
      Eye Movements
      Stress Signs
      Lip Pressing
      The Pinnochio Effect
      Thermal Imaging

      Interviewing and Interrogation
      Interrogation Methods Powerpoint
      Floating Witches
      Truth Serums
      Voice Stress Analysis
      Speech Patterns
      Counting Words
      Elements of Truthful Tales
      Interviewing Techniques
      Lies in the Brain
      Pune Poisoning

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