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Computer engineering

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Tipologia Mestrado
Metodologia Online
Início Outubro
Créditos 78
  • Mestrado
  • Online
  • Início:
  • Créditos: 78

Official master's degree over three semesters that covers all the material of the course title with a professional objective and without specialization pathways, with 78 obligatory credits.

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Preço para usuários Emagister: Large family, disabled students, victims of terrorism, victims of domestic violence and honours students.

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· Requisitos

European degree or equivalent (graduates, licentiates, engineers), registered in Spain if was obtained outside the European Higher Education Area Particularly: Computer Engineering (graduates, licentiates, technicians and engineers) and degrees in the field of engineering and architecture (engineers, technicians and graduates). Also degrees in the field of sciences in the areas of Mathematics, Physics or Statistics.

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Advanced management of ICT projects
Artificial intelligence
Publication and distribution platforms
Development for mobiles
Information security management
Large-scale distributed systems
High-powered computing


First semester
  • Advanced management of ICT projects
  • Advanced techniques of software engineering
  • Usability engineering
  • Technology and development of mobile devices
  • Publication and distribution platforms

Second semester

  • Strategic management of information systems and technologies
  • Information security management systems
  • High-powered computing
  • Simulation
  • Advanced artificial intelligence

Third semester

  • Large-scale distributed systems
  • Final master's dissertation