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      Have you been thinking about improving your business management skills? With this programme in Business Management offered by Emagister and imparted by ICI you’ll be ready to embark into this world.

      Study at your own pace and have access to a tutor by enrolling into this course, is the best way to learn from the best with a wide range of topics that will guarantee a strong foundation.

      This programme is divided into 8 different modules that will enrich your knowledge. At the beginning you’ll learn about establishment procedures, which are meant to teach you how to select proper procedures for an organization.

      In addition, you’ll overlook into the problem solving, communication and staff management, in order to boost your skills regarding different aspects of your role as a manager.

      Furthermore, you’ll understand how to generate productivity in different types of companies, how to manage the financial tasks of a company and use different marketing techniques in order to achieve better results in the execution of your daily tasks.

      If you want to learn more information, please contact ICI through

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      Michael Newman
      O melhor: ICI gave me the flexibility and certainty to seek after my fantasy. I feel extraordinary pride in the way that I now work my own fruitful importation business. It is with true appreciation that I thank the Institute and its staff...
      A melhorar: I cannot describe this course with any negative words.
      Curso realizado: Março 2016
      Você recomendaria esse centro?: sim
      Sanil Neela
      O melhor: To be honest you cannot beat the services or the people that I have dealt with. I loved the business management course. I rely on what I have learnt in my course often.
      A melhorar: Nothing.
      Curso realizado: Janeiro 2016
      Você recomendaria esse centro?: sim
      John Chan
      O melhor: I strongly recommend the business management course to everyone interested in running a successful business! I can’t tell you how happy I am with the course and what it has enabled me to do in my business. It's just amazing.
      A melhorar: Nothing.
      Curso realizado: Fevereiro 2016
      Você recomendaria esse centro?: sim
      * Opiniões recebidas pela Emagister e iAgora

      O que se aprende nesse curso?

      Business Modelling
      Decision Making
      Business and Management
      Business Plan
      Strategic Business Management
      Business Marketing
      Business Funding
      Business Finance


      The ICI Business Management program is designed in conjunction with industry leaders helps you learn the skills you need to succeed in marketing quickly and conveniently. 


      • Fast track your career in business management 
      • Study at your own pace whenever and wherever you are 
      • Have access to a tutor who works in the industry 
      • Easy interest free payment plans

      Delivery mode
      : Distance Learning

      Limited places available. No prior education or work experience required.

      Career Path 

      Start an exciting, moneymaking career in a growing field. Why complete a Business Management training program? With the right credentials, you can: • Increase your earning power and job security • Work for an established business • Start your own business and enjoy the freedom of being your own boss! As the owner of your own small business, you can work the hours you choose and guide your business toward success! • Work as a business consultant helping others explore business opportunities, establish and improve opportunities for growth and success. The opportunities are countless and the future is bright for educated business managers

      Course Level

      This course leads to the awarding of either a Certificate, Diploma or Advanced Diploma depending on which level you enrol at. The different levels are achieved by the amount of course content and assessments involved within each module at the basic (Certificate), intermediate (Diploma) and advanced (Advanced Diploma) levels. You will be able to learn about what the difference is between the three levels below:

      • Certificate: represents a basic level of operational knowledge with general knowledge. Suitable for basic entry level positions.
      • Diploma: qualifications recognises the graduates capacity for initiative and judgment across a broad range of technical and management functions. Diploma holders typically have personal responsibility and autonomy (semi-independence) in performing technical operations or organising others in the workplace.
      • Advanced Diploma: The graduate is able to apply a significant range of principles and techniques across various contexts and functions. Graduates can expect to be involved in significant judgments, planning, and leadership/guidance functions related to workplace products, services, operations or procedures.

      Course Lenght

      The average time within which students complete studies is:

      • Certificate Level - 14 weeks,
      • Diploma Level - 24 weeks,
      • Advanced Diploma Level - 31 weeks.

      ICI courses allow you to study at your own pace with no assignment deadlines. This means that you determine the pace of the course and within which time period you will ultimately complete your studies in.

      Completing your course with ICI is flexible as you can fast-track and graduate in a matter of months. You complete activities and submit assignments whenever you are ready.
      The maximum time given to complete a program is three years.