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Understanding the Business - Basics course provides essential learning for new business owners, whether the business is just in the idea stage or you have already begun and need to fill in the gaps.Owning a business requires a vision balanced with attention to detail. You need to be a generalist who understands the multiple aspects of running a business, as well as the ability to step back and see the big picture and to reach into the future. The business environment is a complex place to be. Whether you wish to work as a consultant or freelancer, establish a corporation, or set up an operation that meets a need for very particular type of customer, there is a tremendous amount of information that you need to know and to apply.

This self-paced programme is available 24/7 providing you with the flexibility to train at the pace, location and time of your choosing. Accredited certificate from Ofqual's registered awarding body can be claimed on course completion. College registration, tutor support, course materials and additional supporting material are all included in the course fee.

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Preço para usuários Emagister: On course completion students can claim accredited certificate by paying £89 accreditation fee. Certificate postal charges will be £9.

Requisitos: There is no particular entry requirement. We do not ask for any previous qualification or experience. Students of all age and academic background can enrol on this course.






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Understanding the Basics of Business (Online Training Course)

What Will Students Learn?

  • How to apply the best methods for creating, leading, and managing their own business
  • Ways to establish an organizational framework through operations, finance, and leadership
  • Techniques for setting up an effective and efficient system for hiring, retaining, and succession planning
  • How to start researching and designing a strategic plan
  • How to describe the essential elements of marketing, sales, and their company brand
  • How to apply financial and accounting terms correctly

Course Syllabus

Unit 1

Introduction to Business Management

The unit 1 covers the following topics:

  • What is Our Business?
  • Differentiation
  • Designing Your Organizational Structure
  • The Role of Shareholders

Unit 2

Introduction to Operations Management

The unit 2 covers the following topics:

  • Defining Operations Management
  • Types of Operations
  • Understanding Financial Terms
  • General Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP)
  • Key Reports
  • Six Essential Steps of Hiring
  • Inventory Management

Unit 3

Building a Corporate Brand

The unit 3 covers the following topics:

  • Brand Names and Slogans
  • Developing a Slogan
  • Types of Visual Identities
  • Marketing Your Product
  • Leveraging Social Media
  • Selling Your Product
  • The Sales Cycle

Unit 4

Planning for the Future

The unit 4 covers the following topics:

  • Introduction to Strategic Planning
  • The Strategic Plan Pyramid
  • Succession Planning
  • Managing Your Money
  • Managing Your Budget

Unit 5

Business Ethics and Leadership Essentials

The unit 5 covers the following topics:

  • Sample Codes of Ethics
  • Building a Strong Customer Care Team
  • Developing and Maintaining Relationships
  • Training Employees for Success
  • Leadership Essentials
  • Managing Performance
  • Course Benefits:

    • Full Tutor Support
    • Self paced, no fixed schedules
    • Available to students anywhere in the world
    • 24/7 Access to the LMS ( Learning Management System )
    • Easy to understand quality e-learning study materials
    • The benefit of applying for NUS extra Discount Card.

    Course Material

    All course materials are included in the course price. All your study material will be available on our learning management system for which you will get access once you are enrolled. The material can be downloaded and printed as well.

    Our distance learning course materials are specially written for home study and contain a wealth of knowledge in easy to understand language. We use variety of media to help you learn. Your course may use any of the following different media which you can use from home or where ever you choose to study:

    • Online course materials
    • Question papers
    • Additional Supporting Material
    • Useful Links

    Course assessment

    You will be continually assessed throughout the course. Your assignment will be marked by your tutor and independently moderated. The feedback on your assignment will then be sent to you. On receipt of this, you may wish to contact your tutor to discuss the feedback.

    Tutor Support

    When you enrol on a course with Staff Training Solutions you are allocated your personal tutor. Tutor’s help and support will be available throughout your studies with the college. He/she will assess your work and will provide you with regular feedback on your progress.

Business - Basics

Preço Emagister

R$ 538 R$ 3.079

* Preço indicativo

Montante original emGBP:

£ 69 £ 395