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BSI British Standards is the UK's National Standards Body (NSB) and was the world's first. It represents UK economic and social interests across all of the
European and international standards organizations and through the development of business information solutions for British organizations of all sizes and sectors. BSI British Standards works with m
anufacturing and service industries, businesses, governments and consumers to facilitate the production of British, European and international standards.

Part of BSI Group, BSI British Standards has a close working relationship with the UK government, primarily through the UK Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS).

BSI British Standards is a non-profit distributing organization, which means that any profits are reinvested into the services it provides.

Key facts
·BSI British Standards has 27,000 current standards; this equals one for every 59 businesses in the UK.
·BSI standards cover everything from accounting to zoom lenses.
·There are approximately 6,000 standards in development at any one time.
·The price of a standard reflects its complexity; the price range for BSI standards is £5 - £1,150.
·The average price of a standard is £75, or £37 for members.
·Over 130,000 BSI standards are sold each year in hard copy alone.
·6,000 people from 1,800 organizations are involved in helping BSI to make approximately 1700 standards each year.
·Over 14,000 organizations are engaged with us every year; this is equivalent to just under 9% of all UK businesses.
·The most popular standard in the world (ISO 9001 Quality management systems. Requirements) is used by over 670,000 organizations in 154 countries.
·Both ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 began as British standards, as did some of the other top global standards (eg health & safety and IT).
·The second most popular global standard (ISO 14001 Environmental Management System) is used in over 90,000 organizations in 127 countries.
·Standards contribute £2.5bn to the UK economy
·BSI's oldest standard, still in use today, is from 1927 - BS 275 Dimensions of rivets - while some of its most recent are for biometrics and business continuity.

The British Standards Institution