Bachelor's in Business Administration (English)

Universitat Internacional de Catalunya
Em Barcelona (Espanha)

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Tipologia Ensino fundamental
Início Barcelona (Espanha)
Duração 4 Anos
  • Ensino fundamental
  • Barcelona (Espanha)
  • Duração:
    4 Anos

Interested in pursuing a career in business? Consider the Bachelor’s Degree program in Business Administration and Management from UIC! This programme, which includes coursework in English, focuses on training the future leaders in business.UIC offers a comprehensive curriculum which is densely packed with interesting and relevant courses. Throughout the degree programme, approximately 80% of your coursework will be in English, allowing you to acquire the English business vocabulary you will need to work well with international clients and contacts. At the UIC, you will catch the enthusiasm for entrepreneurship and learn about networking and developing business contacts. The skills you learn at UIC will be put to use in internships (work placements) with major companies such as Ernst & Young, KMPG, Mango, Roche, etc. With regard to financing, options exist for a reduction in tuition and fees. Programmes such as this in the Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences receive funding and grants which could potentially cover up to 80% of the enrolment fees for the whole degree programme. Enquire today and learn how UIC help you on your way to an interesting and rewarding career.

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Início Localização
Immaculada, 22, 8017, Barcelona, Espanha
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Início Consultar
Immaculada, 22, 8017, Barcelona, Espanha
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O que se aprende nesse curso?

Business Law
History of Economics
Information systems
Business Ethics
Strategic Management
Organizational behaviour
Operations management


Study programme and subjects 2013-2014 (2012-2013, 2014-2015) Subjects in course 1Type Term ECTSBusiness Law FB Sem.1 6,00History of Economics FB Sem.1 6,00Human Thought 1 FB Sem.1 6,00Mathematics 1 FB Sem.1 6,00Microeconomics 1 FB Sem.1 6,00Business Economics (English) FB Sem.2 6,00Business English (English) FB Sem.2 6,00Information Systems (English) FB Sem.2 6,00Macroeconomics 1 (English) FB Sem.2 6,00Human Thought 2 OB Sem.2 3,00Mathematics 2 (English) OB Sem.2 3,00 Subjects in course 2Type Term ECTSStatistics 1 FB Sem.1 6,00Accounting 1 OB Sem.1 9,00General Ethics OB Sem.1 3,00Macroeconomics 2 OB Sem.1 3,00Microeconomics 2 OB Sem.1 3,00Elective 1 OP Sem.1 6,00Accounting 2 (English) OB Sem.2 6,00Accounting 3 (English) OB Sem.2 3,00Financial Management 1 (English) OB Sem.2 6,00Spanish Economy (English) OB Sem.2 3,00Statistics 2 (English) OB Sem.2 3,00World Economics OB Sem.2 3,00Elective 2 OP Sem.2 6,00 Subjects in course 3Type Term ECTSAccounting 4 OB Sem.1 3,00Econometrics OB Sem.1 3,00Financial Management 2 OB Sem.1 6,00Human Resources OB Sem.1 6,00Marketing Management 1 OB Sem.1 6,00Operations Management OB Sem.1 6,00Elective 3 OP Sem.2 30,00 Subjects in course 4Type Term ECTSBusiness Ethics OB Sem.1 3,00Business Taxation OB Sem.1 6,00Financial Management 3 OB Sem.1 6,00Marketing 2 OB Sem.1 3,00Organizational Behaviour OB Sem.1 3,00Professional Communication Skills OB Sem.1 3,00Strategic Management OB Sem.1 6,00Elective 4 OP Sem.2 21,00Final Degree Project TF Sem.2 9,00
ECTS: European Credit Transfer System
Term: calendar term

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