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      Art Therapy Diploma

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      Art therapy is simply a creative form of therapy. You don't need to be a great artist; you just need an imagination and an open mind!This approach can be used for self exploration and healing painful memories, but also for pure enjoyment and recreation. In this course there are modules to cover all of these.Therapeutic art can also be a very powerful tool for family bonding, allowing family members to communicate and appreciate each other more.Further, art therapy can be extremely useful for children who may have experienced bullying or trauma. It provides a safe sanctuary to share feelings and emotions.Therapeutic and creative self expression can improve physical and mental wellbeing, as well as emotional health.As colouring in books for adults top the Amazon bestseller list, learn how colouring in for just 20 minutes per day can bring you enormous benefits ranging from lowering stress hormones to helping with insomnia.

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      Quais são os objetivos da formação?

      Over 30 exercises and activities to help you use art as a means of self expression
      Learn how to use art to unwind and relax, as well as to bond with your family.
      Create art for self healing and art for enjoyment
      Get access to the course creator and a community of students in the course forum.
      Live a healthier, happier life!
      Learn Face Painting - clowns and tigers!
      Create Mandalas and Zentangles! 

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      About Art Therapy
      Course Introduction
      Say hi to your fellow students!
      Share your new course with your friends!
      Different Forms of Art Therapy
      Art Materials
      Art Therapy Essentials

      Therapeutic Art and Self Exploration
      2.1 - Introduction to section 2
      2.2 - Vision board
      2.3 Spontaneous Image Diary
      2.4 - Scribble drawing to unwind
      2.5 - Your emotions wheel
      Your emotions wheel - Downloadable Materials
      2.6 Paint Your Emotions
      Affirmation Cards - handout
      2.7 - Affirmation cards
      Write yourself a love letter - handout
      2.8 - Write yourself a love letter
      2.9 - Writing your pain a letter
      2.10 Paint a Self Portrait
      2.11 - Our inner and outer self
      2.12 - Self soothing images folder
      Decorative Paper - handout
      2.13 - Explore your deeper feelings
      2.14 - Meditative Painting

      Art For Pure Enjoyment
      3.1 Introduction to Section 3
      Mandalas - Handout
      3.2 - Creating Mandalas
      3.3  - Zentangles
      3.4 - Drawing with pen and ink
      3.5 - Still life drawing in pencil
      3.6 - Classic still life drawing
      3.7 - Contour drawing
      3.8 - Pencil shading techniques
      Create your own pencil shading guide - Handout
      3.9 - Create your own pencil shading guide

      Therapeutic Art for Family Bonding
      4.1 - Introduction to section 4
      4.2 - Accessing your inner child
      Downloadable Materials - Accessing your Inner Child
      4.3 - Face painting: Clown
      4.4 Face Painting – Tiger
      4.5 - Chalk and string
      4.6 - Working with fabrics
      4.7 Create a head using clay
      4.8 Make your own pinata
      4.9 Creative Writing
      Creative Writing Inspiration

      Course Quiz