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Centre of Excellence

Angel Reiki Diploma Course

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Centre of Excellence

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What Will You Learn?
The Angel Reiki Diploma Course provides the knowledge and skills necessary to direct energy transferred through us from the archangels to administer healing - clearing our energy bodies with powerful angelic light. Not only will you gain an in-depth practical and theoretical knowledge but you will also learn how to start a career as an Angel Reiki Practitioner.
Despite our interest in the health of our physical bodies, the energetic health of our being is not as explicitly addressed. We often consider the health of our mental faculties and physical body as being independent of our energetic body, when it is this energy that interconnects each component of our makeup. This course discusses health in regards to energy, the clarity of which brings balance to the physical body, emotions, and mind – providing a comprehensive insight into the fascinating world of Angel Reiki and the development, theories, and practical application of this holistic practice.
Angel Reiki sees its practitioners working with the Angelic Kingdom of Light to bring one of the highest forms of healing to individuals and groups. Throughout this comprehensive, 15-module course, you will learn the fundamental differences between this and other forms of Reiki.
Unlike traditional Reiki, Angel Reiki facilitates the experience of intimately merging with the angels as they move through us to bring harmony and a knowing of the Divine Self. Through Angel Reiki, you will discover a new paradigm in the understanding of your journey to deeper healing.
You will explore the origins, traditions and lineage of Angel Reiki and the place of this practice alongside conventional medicine and spirituality. From here you will go on to learn about auras, angelic light, the power of distance healing and the Angelic hierarchy – including which angels you should call upon for particular circumstances.

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Karen El Kabong
Sobre o curso: The course was good, trainers were good, recently I've completed Akashic records, Bach's flower remedy, Numerology and it was a nice experience overall. Centre of Excellence is a great place to study and explore.
Curso realizado: Março 2019
Você recomendaria esse centro?: sim
O melhor: No time limit to complete and i could work as much or as little as i wanted to complete the course. I loved it so much as soon as i got my pass grade i bought another.
A melhorar: Nothing
Curso realizado: Junho 2018
Você recomendaria esse centro?: sim
Serena Rosario
O melhor: The site is easy to search for courses and is perfect for any course beginners. The course itself was amazing. I loved doing it. So much info and you do learn loads. It helps u step by step.
A melhorar: -
Curso realizado: Agosto 2018
Você recomendaria esse centro?: sim
O melhor: The style of questioning and assessment activities gives you confidence to continue onto the next module. The key feature to the course allows completion in your own time although daunting and unsure of the standard of work required without tutoring.
A melhorar: All ok
Curso realizado: Junho 2018
Você recomendaria esse centro?: sim
O melhor: I am taking Angel Reiki diploma course, really enjoying it. The tutors get back to me quickly and answer my questions. Thank you.
A melhorar: .
Curso realizado: Outubro 2017
Você recomendaria esse centro?: sim
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O que se aprende nesse curso?

Advertising and Marketing
Communication Skills
Spiritual Healing
Communication Training


Module 1 – The Development of Angel Reiki

  • Introduction to Angel Reiki
  • Part 1: The Beginning of Angel Reiki
  • Part 2: How Angel Reiki differs from Basic Reiki
  • Part 3: Angelic Light
  • Part 4: Lightworkers
  • Module 1 Assessment

Module 2 – Reiki Lineages and Angel Reiki Levels

  • Part 1: Basic Reiki or Regular Reiki
  • Part 2: Reiki Practitioners
  • Part 3: Reiki Lineages
  • Part 4: Your Angel Reiki Progression
  • Part 5: Initiation and Attunement Process
  • Part 6: Angel Reiki – Level 1 – Initiate
  • Part 7: Angel Reiki – Level 2 – Apprentice
  • Part 8: Angel Reiki – Level 3 and 4 – Inner Master
  • Part 9: Angel Reiki – Professional Practitioner Level
  • Part 10: Angel Reiki – Master Teacher Level
  • Module 2 Assessment

Module 3 – Angel Reiki Basics and Symbols

  • Part 1: Angel Reiki Basics and Symbols
  • Part 2: Reiki Symbols
  • Part 3: Power Symbol
  • Part 4: Emotional/Mental symbol
  • Part 5: Distance symbol
  • Part 6: Master Symbol
  • Part 7: Archangel Metatron Continued Guidance
  • Part 8: Angel Reiki Body Positions
  • Part 9: Angel Reiki and Animals
  • Part 10: Angel Reiki on Plants
  • Module 3 Assessment

Module 4 – Auras and Angel Light

  • Part 1: The Aura
  • Part 2: Angel’s Auras
  • Part 3: Aura Readers
  • Part 4: The Seven Levels of the Aura
  • Module 4 Assessment

Module 5 – The Chakras in Angel Reiki

  • Part 1: The Seven Chakras
  • Part 2: Chakra Blockages
  • Part 3: Clearing Chakras
  • Part 4: Using Chakras in Angel Reiki
  • Module 5 Assessment

Module 6 – Distance Healing

  • Part 1: The Benefits of Distance Healing
  • Part 2: Who May Send Distance Healing
  • Part 3: Permission
  • Part 4: The Distance for Remote Healing
  • Part 5: How to Conduct a Distance Angel Reiki Healing
  • Module 6 Assessment

Module 7 – The Angel Hierarchy

  • Part 1: Angels Overview
  • Part 2: Three Spheres of Angels
  • Part 3: The Seven Archangels
  • Part 4: The Other Archangels
  • Module 7 Assessment

Module 8 – Setting up Your Angel Reiki Practice

  • Part 1: Basic Information
  • Part 2: Your Angel Reiki Business Healing Space
  • Part 3: Healing
  • Part 4: Preparing Your Angel Healing Workspace
  • Part 5: How to Open and Close a Space after Healing
  • Module 8 Assessment

Module 9 – Angel Reiki for Spiritual Healing

  • Part 1: Spirituality
  • Part 2: How Angel Reiki can help with Spiritual Growth
  • Part 3: Types of spiritual problems
  • Part 4: Basic Spiritual Healing
  • Part 5: Intermediate Spiritual Healing
  • Part 6: Advanced Spiritual Healing
  • Part 7: After Every Spiritual Angel Reiki Session
  • Module 9 Assessment

Module 10 – Using Crystals with Angel Reiki

  • Part 1: Crystals
  • Part 2: Crystal, Chakras and Colour Affinities
  • Part 3: Cleansing Crystals for Angel Reiki work
  • Part 4: Attuning Crystals for Angel Reiki work
  • Part 5: Attuning Crystal Essences for Angelic Reiki Work
  • Part 6: Using Crystals in Angelic Reiki
  • Module 10 Assessment

Module 11 – Meditation and Guided Meditation

  • Part 1: Meditation
  • Part 2: Types of Meditation
  • Part 3: Guided Meditation
  • Module 11 Assessment

Module 12 – Special Cases and Healing

  • Part 1: Special Cases
  • Part 2: Pregnancy
  • Part 3: Unborn children
  • Part 4: Death and Dying
  • Part 5: Bereavement
  • Part 6: The Nature of Disease
  • Module 12 Assessment

Module 13 – Your Angel Reiki Practice - Advanced Topics

  • Part 1: Advertising, Marketing and Promotion
  • Part 2: Professional Development
  • Part 3: Client Confidentiality
  • Module 13 Assessment

Module 14 – Client Care

  • Part 1: Planning Your First Angelic Reiki Healing Session
  • Part 2: Listening and Communication Skills
  • Part 3: Client Notes
  • Part 4: Your Online Survey
  • Part 5: Good Practices with Angel Reiki
  • Module 14 Assessment

Module 15 – Angel Reiki Protection

  • Part 1: Why Protection is Needed
  • Part 2: Angels are Good
  • Part 3: Protection for You
  • Part 4: Protection for You as an Angel Reiki Channeller
  • Part 5: Protection for Your Clients
  • Conclusion
  • Module 15 Assessment