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Advanced Diploma in Photography - CPD Certified

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Are you into photography and is considering becoming a professional photographer? Or are you a part-time photographer and want to upgrade your photography skills? Do you want to learn how to succeed now that you’re finally an expert photographer? Then this is the course you will need right now since to be able to the gained advanced skills for photography.

In this course, we will learn more about digital photography in connection to the compelling artwork. You will be given appointed addresses and compositions, semester venture, will be made a request to create craftsmanship furthermore, will be made a request to partake in class discourse to better comprehend the physical, reasonable and hypothetical qualities of the electronic media in accordance with workmanship and workmanship making. Emphasis will be set for your improvement of a comprehension of the development of and the hypothesis related to art, photography and electronic imaging and additionally workmanship history in a way which will help them to deliver expressive and thoughtful show-stopper type of photos.

You will also be introduced with the essential innovation fundamental for the creation of their work of art, and in addition finding out about the visual expressions, what to look like at and investigate photography, photographic vocabulary, utilising instruments, like the surrounding, synthesis, “rule of thirds”, light, surface, design, lines, symmetry, separation, viewpoint, culture, space, adjust, shading and highly contrasting photography, and be acquainted with many works by surely understood picture takers. You will be expected also to demonstrate your ability to utilise the photography tools skilfully in the production of their work of art, the creation and examination of expressive and thoughtful work of art is the principal target of this course

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Photographers and other hobbyists who want to upgrade their photography skills
People who have an interest in photography and want to acquire photography skills

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On receiving your request an academic officer from the course will call you to explain everything about the course, including how you can sign up, payment options and enrollment periods

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Requisitos: This course is available to all learners, of all academic backgrounds. Learners should be aged 16 or over to undertake the qualification. Good understanding of English language, numeracy and ICT are required to attend this course.





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O que se aprende nesse curso?

Digital Photography
Wedding Photography
Art Photography
Professional Photography Basics
Making Pictures for a Living



Photography Skills

  • Choosing Areas of Specialization in Digital Photography
  • What Makes A Good Photographer?
  • Types of Cameras for Photography
  • How Does a Camera Capture an Image?
  • Which Digital Camera Features Do You Really Need?
  • Know The Basic Elements Of Your Digital Camera
  • RAW vs JPEG
  • Photographic Lenses
  • Rule of Thirds
  • Understanding Digital Camera Modes
  • Using Automatic Camera Modes
  • Exposure
  • Introduction to Aperture
  • Introduction to Shutter Speed
  • Introduction to ISO
  • Compositional Rules in Photography
  • Semi-Automatic Shooting Modes
  • Flash Photography
  • Understanding Color in Photography
  • How to Edit Photos in Adobe Lightroom
  • Photo Editing Workflow Tutorial
  • Post Production Considerations
  • Shooting Landscapes
  • Landscape Photography Tips

Camera & Photography

  • Photography Basics
  • The Art of Photography
  • How to Get the Most Out of Your Digital Camera Purchase
  • Why Having a DSLR is Like Having a Second Camera
  • What You Should Look for in a Digital Camera
  • The Benefits of Purchasing a DSLR Camera
  • Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Digital Camera?
  • Learning to Use Your Flash Properly on Your Digital Camera
  • Learn to Use Your Presets on Your Digital Camera
  • What Brand of Digital Camera is Best?
  • Understanding Shooting Speed on Your DSLR
  • Become a Good Photographer Before Buying Expensive Equipment
  • 8 Digital Camera Brands You Should Know About
  • Do You Know the Best Digital Cameras to Buy?
  • Digital Camera and the Role of ISO
  • Digital Cameras Have Revolutionized Photography
  • Low Light Photography Tips
  • 5 Rules of Buying a Point and Shoot Camera
  • 4 Digital Camera Features You Should Understand
  • Nikon D5200 or Sony Alpha NEX-6 – Which is the Best Buy?
  • 3 Basics to Consider While Buying a Digital Camera

Professional Photography Basics

  • How to Become a Digital Photographer?
  • Getting into the Scene
  • Choosing the Right Camera
  • Making Pictures for a Living
  • The Tools and Software for Editing the Images
  • The Most Commonly Asked Questions

Starting your own Photography Business


Freelancing Photography

  • Introduction
  • Photographs Everywhere You Look
  • Do You Have What It Takes?
  • Choosing a Camera
  • Get ‘Get Rich Quick’ Out of Your Head
  • Like Winning the Lottery
  • Microstock Photography
  • Sites That Pay for Your Photos
  • Posting Your Photos Online
  • Who Buys Photos?
  • For The Truly Ambitious

Wedding Photography Techniques

  • Know Why A Professional Wedding Photographer Is Best
  • The Importance Of A Wedding Photography Shot List
  • Mistakes First Time Wedding Photographers Make
  • A Wedding Photographer Cannot Be Timid
  • Are You Using RAW?
  • Getting Great Detail Wedding Shots
  • Make The Most Of The Unexpected With Wedding Photography
  • Problems On The Site For Wedding Photographers
  • Use Continuous Shooting Features
  • Wedding Photographer Gets Up High
  • Showcase Your Photos At The Wedding Reception
  • Wedding Photography With Two Cameras?
  • Selecting Property Wedding Photo Backgrounds
  • Wedding Photographer Tips For Changing Things Up
  • Wedding Photographers Should Check Out The Location
  • Wedding Photography And Diffused Light
  • Wedding Photographer Tips For Back Up Support
  • Wedding Photographer Tip For What Couples Expect From You
  • Wedding Photography: Handling The Family Photo
  • Wedding Photography Tip For Deleting As You Go
  • Wedding Photography Is Profitable