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· Be familiar with PC hardware and devices. For example, ability to look into device manager and look for unsupported devices.
· Have basic Windows and Active Directory knowledge. For example, domain user accounts, domain vs. local user accounts, user profiles, and group membership.
· Familiarity with the 2007 Microsoft Office System; specifically Microsoft Word 2007 and Microsoft Excel® 2007.
· Be able to map network file shares. For example, familiar with UNC paths, mapping local resources to server/share.
· Have experience installing applications from media (CD/DVD)
· Have experience working from a command window. For example, authoring and editing batch files
· Be able to burn or creating boot media. For example, ISO.
· Have experience configuring BIOS options. For example, boot order.
· Be familiar with reviewing support logs. Know that there is a chronology, sequential order, severity, etc.. In addition, it is recommended, but not required, that students have completed:
· 5115: Installing and Configuring the Windows Vista Operating System.
· 5116: Configuring Windows Vista Mobile Computing and Applications.

Module 1: Windows Vista Desktop Deployment Infrastructure
This module explains the components of a Windows Vista deployment infrastructure that uses the Business desktop Deployment (BDD) 2007 Solutions Accelerator.
· Windows Vista Desktop Deployment Infrastructure
· The Components of BDD 2007
· Identifying the Support Scenarios
· Accessing The BDD Tools
· Installing BDD 2007

Module 2: Preparing to Apply Desktop Images
This module explains how to describe the necessary steps required to prepare a computer for Windows Vista image deployment.
· Preparing the Target Computer
· Backing up the User State
· Preparing to Apply Desktop Images
· Reviewing the User State profile and Completing the User State Checklist
· Running USMT to Back up a User State
· Verifying Successful User State Backup

Module 3: Supporting Computers with Desktop Images
This module explains how to apply a Windows Vista operating system image to a target computer.
· Obtaining the Desktop Image
· Verifying the Desktop Image Application
· Applying Desktop Images
· Booting to the Windows Pre-Installation Environment
· Applying an Image from the Network
· Verifying Desktop Image Deployment

Module 4: Installing Applications
After completing this module, the students will be able to describe the steps required to prepare a Windows Vista computer for applications and application installation packages.
· Preparation Steps for Installing an Application Package
· Application Package Deployment Methods
· Preparing to Install an Application Package
· Determining User Requirements
· Configuring Group Policy to Install Microsoft Office Professional 2007

Module 5: Restoring and Validating User State
This module explains how to restore and validate user state on a newly deployed Windows Vista desktop image.
· Restoring User State
· Verifying User State
· Restoring and Verifying User State
· Running USMT to Restore a User State
· Verifying Successful User State Restore

Module 6: Troubleshooting Desktop and Application Installations
This module explains how to troubleshoot issues that are affect the operating system deployment and application package installation.
· Desktop Installation Troubleshooting
· Application Installation Troubleshooting
· Troubleshooting Application Installation
· Troubleshooting Disk Configurations
· Troubleshooting Deployed Application Settings
· Troubleshooting Application File Type Associations

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