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Do you want to develop an extensive set of creative skills in software, traditional skills and related theory? Our 365-day creativity course, which Emagister offers in its education catalog, will teach you something new every day over the course of a year ... The format is totally new and will provide you with the maximum creative challenge and a learning experience different

The course covers a wide variety of creative topics, all of which are important and useful within the creative industry. There is an added importance in the three main applications of Adobe, Ps, Ai and Id, so you can explore many useful tools, techniques and software tricks.

In addition to technical skills, you will also know fundamental pieces of design theory and will see them applied in the context of a project. These work hand in hand with learning practical skills and will ensure that a work is created that communicates successfully to an audience.

Towards the conclusion of the project, we present more practical skills that are useful for professionals with creativity, such as the best methods to inspire, research, combine colors and much more.

Take up the creative challenge and start the course at this time! Request more information in Emagister to know more details.

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Quais são os objetivos da formação?

-To discover hundreds of creative skills, tools and techniques.

-Gain confidence in thinking more creatively and be challenged to generate more design work.

-Discover Adobe Photoshop CC skills, tips and techniques.

-Discover Adobe Illustrator CC skills, tips and techniques.

-Discover Adobe InDesign CC skills, tips and techniques.

-Plus learn how to use ProCreate in creative projects.

Esta formação é para mim?

Creative individuals, with some technical knowledge looking to expand their skill set.

Those looking to build a varied and impressive graphic design portfolio.

Anyone looking to get equally confident in the Adobe's three flag-ship applications.

Existing professionals looking to build in confidence and take on a new challenge.

Requisitos: -PC/Mac computer which can comfortably run Adobe Applications. -Basic experience using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. -Access to Adobe applications, preferably current Creative Cloud versions. -A keen, self-motivated learner looking for a long-term creative challenge.





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O que se aprende nesse curso?

Blend modes
Vector Portrait
Halftone Effect
Drawing Maps
Circular Composition
CV Design
Children's Book
Create Mockups


The course is broken down into weekly sections. Each section contains seven lessons. These have two sections, first comes the one minute tutorial to teach you a new creative skill. This leads into a commentary style video which provides further insight into the topic.
Many of these tutorials are accompanied by a downloadable working file created directly by one of the instructors. You can use this to see how they have set up the document and created the work you see produced in the one-minute tutorials. You can also directly work in these files as much as you like.
Finally, check out the creative assignments, we have set 12 challenges. That’s one for every chapter (or month.) These ask you to combine a few of the skills you have learnt in each section of the course. Meaning you can test your knowledge and produce brand new creative work, perfect if you are looking to build a varied portfolio.