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· Exposure to enterprise data import and export scenarios.
· Experience navigating the Microsoft Windows Server environment.
· Experience with Microsoft SQL Server, including:
· SQL Server Agent.
· SQL Server query language (SELECT, UPDATE, INSERT, and DELETE).
· SQL Server System tables.
· SQL Server accounts (users and permissions).

Module 1: Introduction to SQL Server 2005 Integration Services
This module introduces the role that Integration Services plays in extracting, transforming, and loading data. This module also describes the tools that you can use to build and manage Integration Services solutions.
· Overview of Integration Services Solutions
· Integration Services Tools

Module 2: Developing Integration Services Solutions
This module provides an overview of the development tasks that are involved in creating an Integration Services package. After completing this module, you will be able to create a basic package.
· Creating an Integration Services Solution
· Using Variables
· Building and Running a Solution

Module 3: Implementing Control Flow
This module introduces the tasks and precedence constraints that you can use to implement control flow in an Integration Services package.
· Control Flow Tasks
· Control Flow Precedence Constraints
· Control Flow Containers

Module 4: Implementing Data Flow
This module describes the data flow sources, transformations, and destinations that you can use to implement a data flow task in an Integration Services control flow. It also explains how to use data flow paths to direct valid and invalid rows through the data flow.
· Data Flow Sources and Destinations
· Data Flow Transformations
· Data Flow Paths

Module 5: Implementing Logging
This module discusses how to use logging in an Integration Services package, and explains how to configure and use logging providers to generate information about a package's execution.
· Overview of Integration Services Logging
· Implementing Logging

Module 6: Debugging and Error Handling
This module describes how to debug Integration Services packages by using the debugging tools in Business Intelligence Development Studio. It then explains how to implement error-handling logic in an Integration Services package.
· Debugging a Package
· Implementing Error Handling

Module 7: Implementing Checkpoints and Transactions
This module explains what checkpoints are and how to implement them. It then discusses transactions, and describes how you can implement transactional data access logic in an Integration Services package.
· Implementing Checkpoints
· Implementing Transactions

Module 8: Deploying Packages
This module discusses how to create Package Configurations and how to deploy Integration Services packages to production servers.
· Package Configurations
· Deploying Packages

Module 9: Managing and Securing Packages
This module describes the management tasks that relate to Integration Services packages and explains how to perform those tasks by using the Integration Services management tools. It also describes how to secure Integration Services packages.
· Managing Packages
· Securing Packages

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