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Module 1: Introduction to Designing SQL Server Security
This module introduces the principles and methodology of designing SQL Server security. This module also explains the benefits of having a security policy in place and the process of creating a security policy. In addition, this module teaches you the importance of monitoring the security of SQL Server.
· Principles of Database Security
· Methodology for Designing a SQL Server Security Policy
· Monitoring SQL Server Security

Module 2: Designing a SQL Server Systems Infrastructure Security Policy
This module provides the guidelines for implementing serverlevel security using authentication methods. This module also provides the knowledge required to develop a Microsoft Windows server-level security policy. To enable you to do this, this module provides the guidelines to create password policy and determine service accounts permissions. In addition, this module explains how to select an appropriate encryption method to develop a secure communication policy. This module also explains the monitoring standards for SQL Server.
· Integrating with Enterprise Authentication Systems
· Developing Windows Server-Level Security Policies
· Developing a Secure Communication Policy
· Defining SQL Server Security Monitoring Standards

Module 3: Designing Security Policies for Instances and Databases
This module explains how to design SQL Server instancelevel, database-level, and object-level security policies. This module teaches the security monitoring standards for instances and databases.
· Designing an Instance-Level Security Policy
· Designing a Database-Level Security Policy
· Designing an Object-Level Security Policy
· Defining Security Monitoring Standards for Instances and Databases

Module 4: Integrating Data Encryption into a Database Security Design
This module provides the guidelines and considerations for security data using encryption and certificates. This module also describes various data encryption policies. Finally, this module shows how to determine a key storage method.
· Securing Data by Using Encryption and Certificates
· Designing Data Encryption Policies
· Determining a Key Storage Method

Module 5: Designing a Security Exceptions Policy
This module provides guidelines for gathering business and regulatory requirements and comparing them with existing policy. This module also covers how to determine the exceptions and their impact on security.
· Analyzing Business and Regulatory Requirements
· Determining the Exceptions and their Impact

Module 6: Designing a Response Strategy for Threats and Attacks
This module provides guidelines to respond to virus and worm attacks, denial-of-service attacks, and injection attacks.
· Designing a Response Policy for Virus and Worm Attacks
· Designing a Response Policy for Denial-of-Service Attacks
· Designing a Response Policy for Internal and SQL Injection Attacks

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