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Module 1: SQL Server Overview
· What Is SQL Server
· SQL Server Integration
· SQL Server Databases
· SQL Server Security
·· Working with SQL Server

Module 2: Planning to Install SQL Server
· Hardware Installation Considerations
· SQL Server 2000 Editions
· Software Installation Considerations
· Methods of Installing SQL Server
· Verifying the Installation
· Configuring SQL Server Enterprise Manager
· Troubleshooting

Module 3: Managing Database Files
· Introduction to Data Structures
· Creating Databases
· Managing Databases
· Placing Database Files and Logs
· Optimizing the Database Using Hardware-based RAID
· Optimizing the Database Using Filegroups
· Optimizing the Database Using Filegroups with Hardwarebased RAID
· Capacity Planning
· Performance Considerations

Module 4: Managing Security
· Implementing an Authentication Mode
· Assigning Logins to Users and Roles
· Assigning Permissions to Users and Roles
· Managing Security Within SQL Server
· Managing Application Security
· Managing SQL Server Security in the Enterprise

Module 5: Performing Administrative Tasks
· Configuration TasksRoutine
· SQL Server Administrative Tasks Automating Routine
· Maintenance Tasks
· Creating Alerts
· Troubleshooting SQL Server Automation
· Automating Multiserver Jobs

Module 6: Backing Up Databases
· Preventing Data Loss
· Setting and Changing a Database Recovery Model
· SQL Server Backup
· When to Back Up Databases
· Performing Backups
· Types of Backup Methods
· Planning a Backup Strategy
· Performance Considerations

Module 7: Restoring Databases
· SQL Server Recovery Process
· Preparing to Restore a Database
· Restoring Backups
· Restoring Databases from Different Backup Types
· Restoring Damaged System Databases

Module 8: Monitoring SQL Server for Performance
· Why to Monitor SQL Server
· Performance Monitoring and Tuning
· Tools for Monitoring SQL Server
· Common Monitoring and Tuning Tasks

Module 9: Transferring Data
· Introduction to Transferring Data
· Tools for Importing and Exporting Data in SQL Server
· Introduction to DTS
· Transforming Data with DTS

Module 10: Maintaining High Availability
· Introduction to Availability
· Increasing Availability Using Failover Clustering
· Standby Servers and Log Shipping

Module 11: Introducing Replication
· Introduction to Distributed Data
· Introduction to SQL Server Replication
· SQL Server Replication Agents
· SQL Server Replication Types
· Physical Replication Models

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