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Lesson 1: Analyze Active Directory and Design an Administrative Plan
· Analyzing Your Current Environment
· Designing Active Directory Groups for an Exchange Server 2003 Organization
· Designing an Administrative Plan

Lesson 2: Design a Routing Topology and Server Roles and Placement
· Planning Routing Group Boundaries
· Planning Connectors Between Routing Groups
· Discussion: Planning Connectors and Costs
· Planning Server Roles and Placement
· Discussion: Planning Server Placement

Lesson 3: Design a Public Folder and Client Connectivity Strategy
· Planning Business and Logistical Requirements for Public Folders
· Planning Administrative and Permission Requirements for Public Folders
· Planning Hardware Requirements for Public Folders

Lesson 4: Design an Exchange Server 2003 Security Strategy
· Designing a Security Strategy
· Planning Exchange Server 2003 Perimeter Security
· Planning Exchange Server 2003 Intranet Security
· Planning an Encryption Strategy
· Discussion: Designing an Encryption Strategy

Lesson 5: Design for High Availability and Reliability
· Introduction to Designing a Highly Available Exchange Server Organization
· Providing Redundant Supporting Services for the Exchange Server Organization
· Designing a Highly Available Internet Client Access Strategy
· Designing a Highly Available Back-End Server Strategy
· Designing a Highly Available Data Storage Strategy

Lesson 6: Design Inter-organizational Connectivity
· Identifying Requirements for Inter-organizational Connectivity
· Planning for Inter-organizational Global Address List (GAL) Synchronization Strategy
· Planning an Inter-organizational Public Folder Strategy

Lesson 7: Design an Exchange Server 5.5 to Exchange Server 2003 Deployment Strategy
· Preparing to Migrate from Exchange Server 5.5
· Planning a Directory Upgrade Strategy
· Planning a Server Migration Strategy
· Planning to Switch from a Mixed Mode to Native Mode Organization

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