Workplace Violence

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In order to prevent Workplace Violence, it is essential that managers and employees are able to identify individuals who could become violent and understand how to diffuse dangerous situations. This workshop will help participants to identify and address violence in the workplace, as well as giving them the tools to develop their own Workplace Harassment Policy. This training holds much relevance for the welfare of all businesses and their employees.

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Through this workshop, the understudies from Human Resource domain, will get trained in identifying the elements of workplace harassment and will get to understand bullies and how to avoid hiring them. They will be able to create a risk assessment and understand how to handle violence. Not only the participants will be able to develop relevant policies and procedures in such matters, they will also learn the way to investigate complaints.

Requisitos: Anybody can apply.


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IT risk


The Contents of this course consists of 12 Modules:- Module One: Getting Started. Module Two: What Is Workplace Harassment? -What is Business Succession Planning? What Is Replacement Planning? Differences Between. Deciding What You Need. Module Three: Identifying the Bully -Abusive Workplace Behaviors. Bullying and Personality Disorders. Narcissism. Review Questions. Module Four: How to Handle Workplace Violence -Types of Behavior. Target the Behavior, Not the Person. Implement an Action Plan. Review Questions. Module Five: Risk Assessment (I) -Understanding Anger and Aggression. Defusing & De-escalating Strategies. Communication Skills. Tactical Options. Review Questions. Module Six: Risk Assessment (II) -Identifying the Hazard. Assessing the Risk. Controlling the Risk. Evaluating & Review. Review Questions. Module Seven: Being the Victim -What is Not Considered Bullying. Steps to Take. Review Questions. Module Eight: Checklist for Employers -4 Step Process. Addressing All Employees. Code of Ethics. Policy and Procedures. Review Questions. Module Nine: Interview Process -Identify a Bully in the Interview Process. Warning Signs. Case Study. Review Questions. Module Ten: Investigation Process -Advising Your Supervisor. Lodging the Complaint. Initial Response. The Investigation. The Findings. Review & Closure. Review Questions. Module Eleven: Developing a Workplace Harassment Policy -Scope and Philosophy. Principles. Intent. Options. Informal Complaint Process. Formal Investigation Process. Review Question. Module Twelve: Wrapping Up -Words from the Wise.

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This Course is Made for the Students and they learn the Content in PDF and Powerpoint Slides Format. Activities like Pre Assignment, Action Plan, Evaluation Form etc. Offers frameworks for understanding key topics in concept of Workplace Violence. Focuses on explanations of concepts, phenomena, and theories.