Video Enhanced On-Line Advanced International Legal Studies

HRODC Postgraduate Training Institute

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  • Seminário
  • Online
  • 360 horas de estudo
  • Duração:
    120 Days
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This course is designed for:
Lawyers, legal Researchers, Paralegals, Legal Consultants, Politicians, In-house Counsels, Corporate Executives, Legal Secretaries, Political Science Graduates, Law Enforcers, law Students, Employees performing legal duties, Court Employees, Sheriff, Clerks of Court, Legal Analysts and other Professionals who want to have a clear understanding of the legal system

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Requisitos: Degree or Relevant Work Experience


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IT Law
Intellectual Property Law
Employment Law
Commercial Law
Sales Training
Criminal law
Public International Law
Tort law


Module Titles:
  1. Commercial Law
  2. Employment Law
  3. Intellectual Property Law
  4. Advanced Public International Law
  5. Criminal Law
  6. Tort Law
Limited Contents, Concepts and Issues:

Module 1: Commercial Law

The Foundations of Commercial Law
  • The Nature and Sources of Commercial Law
  • Basic Concepts of Personal Property
  • Some Aspects of Contract Law
  • Commercial Contracts
  • Agency in Commercial Transactions
Domestic Sales
  • A Brief History of Sales Law
  • The Contract of Sale: Its Nature And Function
  • The Passing of the Property
  • Risk and Frustration
  • Delivery
  • The Statutory Implied Terms in Favour of the Buyer
  • Rejection and Its Consequences
  • Acceptance
  • The Buyer's Remedies for Misrepresentation or Breach by the Seller
  • Duties of the Buyer and Remedies of the Seller for Misrepresentation or Breach
  • Title Conflicts Between Seller or Buyer and Third Parties

Money, Payment and Payment Systems
  • Concepts of Money and Payment
  • Instruments Generally
  • Bills of Exchange
  • Cheques and the Duties of Bankers In Relation Thereto
  • Other Instruments
Secured Financing
  • The Classification and Characteristics of Credit and Security
  • The Creation, Enforcement and Transfer of Security Rights
  • Principles of Perfection and Priorities
  • The Floating Charge
Specific Forms of Secured Business Finance
  • General Financing Considerations
  • Conditional Sale and Hire-Purchase
  • The Finance Lease
  • Financing Against Stock and Receivables
  • Guarantees
Corporate Insolvency

International Trade and Finance
  • The Characteristics and Organisation of International Sales Transactions
  • The Vienna Convention on International Sales
  • Documentary Sales
  • The Financing of International Trade
  • Rights and Duties of The Sea Carrier
  • Conflict of Laws
The Resolution of Commercial Disputes
  • Litigation
  • Commercial Arbitration
  • Transactional Litigation
Module 2: Employment Law
  • The Sources And Institutions of Employment Law and Key Definitions
  • Implied Terms of the Contract of Employment (1): Duties of the Employer
  • Implied Terms of the Contract of Employment (2): Duties of the Employee
  • Key Statutory Employment Rights
  • Discrimination in Employment (1)
  • Discrimination in Employment (2)
  • Equal Pay
  • Wrongful Dismissal
  • Unfair Dismissal (1): Basic Concepts
  • Unfair Dismissal (2): Remedies, Constructive Dismissal and Redundancy
  • Collective Labour Law
Module 3: Intellectual Proeprty Law
  • Copyright Subsistence
  • Authorship, Ownership and Moral Rights
  • Copyright Infringement, Remedies and Defences
  • Confidentiality
  • Patentability, Entitlement and Ownership
  • Patent Infringement, Defences and Remedies
  • Design Law
  • Trade Mark Registrability
  • Trade Mark Infringement
  • Passing Off
  • Intellectual Property, Computer Software and the Internet
Module 4: Advanced Public International Law
  • History and Nature of International Law
  • Sources of International Law
  • The Law of Treaties
  • International Law and Municipal Law
  • International Personality
  • Recognition of States, Governments and Intergovernmental Organisations in International Law
  • Jurisdiction
  • Immunity from National Jurisdiction
  • State Responsibility for Wrongful Acts
  • International Protection of Human Rights
  • People Self-Determination
  • Peaceful Disputes Settlement between States
  • From The Right to Wage War to the Total Prohibition of War
  • International Security
  • International Humanitarian Law (IHL)
Module 5: Criminal Law
  • Foundations
  • The Basics of Criminal Law
  • Limitations on The Criminal Law
  • The Elements of Criminal Liability
  • Defences to Criminal Liability
  • Justification Defences
  • Excuse Defences
  • Multiple Offenders and Inchoate Crimes
  • Complicity and Vicarious Liability
  • Inchoate Crimes
  • Crimes against Persons
  • Homicide
  • Assaultive Offenses
  • Crimes against Property
  • Property Damage and Invasion
  • Theft and Analogous Offenses
  • Other Crimes
  • Public Order, Morality, and Vice Crimes
  • Terrorism and Offenses against the State
Module 6: Tort Law
  • Negligence – Duty of Care
  • Negligence – Breach of Duty
  • Negligence – Causation and Remoteness of D

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