Travel and Protocol Management, Media Communication, Visa Passport Processing, and Crisis Management Course

HRODC Postgraduate Training Institute
Em Wolverhampton (Reino Unido)


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  • Training
  • Wolverhampton (Reino Unido)
  • Duração:
    10 Days
  • Quando:
    à escolha

Limited Objectives: At the conclusion of specified learning or development activities, delegates will be able to: Know the steps in processing visa. Make visa arrangements. Know the steps in processing passport. Understand hotel visa processing. Enumerate the different business travel requirements.
Suitable for: Protocol officers, including those covering public relations and/or travel arrangements; Those involved in international activities; Those working in multi- or supra-national organisations; Anyone else with a need to understand protocol.

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Requisitos: Undergraduate Degree or Relevant Working Experience


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Início Localização
à escolha
122a Bhylls Lane, WV3 8DZ, West Midlands, Reino Unido

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Public Relations
Crisis Management
Communication Training
IT Management


Course Contents, Concepts and Issues:

I. Visa and Immigration Formalities

- Visa Processing
- Visa Arrangements
- Passport Processing
- Hotel Visa Processing
- Business Travel Requirements
- Immigration Regulations And Requirements

II. General Travel Management

- Nature of Strategic Public Relations

III. Booking Arrangement

- Hotel Reservation
- Airline Reservation
- Corporate Hotel Booking Arrangement

IV. Events Planning and Protocol

- Recovery Planning and Protocol
- Exhibition Planning and Participation
- Planning, Organisation and Management or Protocol Duties
- Special Arrangements and Planning for Vehicular Convoys
- Nature of Strategic Public Relations

V. Meetings Management

- Participating and Contributing in Meetings
- Resonation
- GroupThink VS TeamThink

VI. Personality and Group Dynamics

- Personality Types and Their Influences
- Group Dynamics : A Definition
- Forming
- Storming
- Norming
- Performing
- Disbandment

VII. Relationship Management

- Relation with Embassies and Ministries
- Embassy Relations and (Note Verbale)
- Media Relations
- Skills  For Public Relations
- General Protocol Management

VIII. Airport  Duties

IX. Organisational Improvement Strategy

- Corporate Social Responsibility and Sponsorship
- Corporate Identity Implementation and Maintenance
- Corporate Strategy : An Introduction
- Tactical Management
- Systems Thinking
- Equifinality

X. Understanding International Airline Ticketing and Flight Schedules

- Use of the Internet and Other IT Systems
- Online Public Relations
- Internal Communications and Intranet

XI. Freight Arrangements for Personal Belongs

XII. Risk Management: An Introduction

- Contingency Planning
- Crisis Management
- Continuity Management and Disaster  Recovery
- Public Service Continuity Management

- Salient Communication Issue
- Defining Communication
- Barriers to Effective Communication
- Cross Cultural Communication
- Communication and Presentation
- Presentation Skills
- Writing the Media

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Payment options: £6,500.00 Per Delegate for UK Delivery £6,900.00 Per Delegate for non-UK European Delivery £6,900.00 Per Delegate for Non-European Delivery