Retirement Secrets: How to Invest and Save for Your Future

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Join over 4,300 successful students from everywhere in the world who have already taken this course! Don’t think it’s possible to save for retirement? "But, I’m afraid". The secret to getting ahead is to get started. It is rare for someone to make a living just by trading in the stock market. The markets are a tool that provides the opportunity for turning the money you have already earned at your day-job into earning even more money. Everyone has heard of the stock market and the stories of how it can make or break your bank account. It is normal to fear the potential losses but all the while desire the lucrative gains. Setting yourself up for success with -30 day money back guarantee from Udemy. Ask the instructor unlimited questions to the discussion board within the course. See what students are saying..."Excellently narrated! A concise introduction to the world of stocks for the wary beginner. The introduction is also conducive and encouraging for a beginner in doing more autonomous research, thus developing a sound investment mindset. Ultimately, Bernstein fosters a method that teaches people how to learn and not how to recite learnt information." - Fakhir Bantan. "If you’re looking for a course to give you a magic formula for investing success, this is not the course. That being said, this course helped me a great deal in so many areas that I didn’t realize I needed help with. What I really got out of this course was how to stop making bad investment decisions. I recommend this course to anyone looking to become a self reliant investor." - Ryan McIntire.

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At the end of my course, students will be able to..Outperform the DOW and S&P 500 and maximize their return on investment. Answer the question what is the stock market? Understand the history of the stock market so they will not be doomed to repeat other peoples mistakes. Decide whether a financial advisor is right for them. Understand how to plan for retirement. Think rationally about the stock market and think long term. Understand how the housing market crashed and how it caused the Great Recession. Determine their risk appetite investing in stocks. Understand price to earnings ratio of a stock. Make textbook stock valuations.

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The Contents of this course is divided into 3 Sections are as follows -SECTION 1: Introduction to Investing in the Stock Market -You Don’t Have to Be a Genius to Invest Well. What is the Stock Market? Learn Stock Market History or You’re Doomed to Repeat it. Should You Use Financial Advisors? How to Plan for Retirement. Signing up for a Brokerage Account. SECTION 2: Think Rationally, Think Long Term -How to Think Rationally to Think Long Term. How the Housing Market Crashed and Caused the Great Recession. How to Determine Risk Appetite. How to Temper Expectations. Section 3: How to Invest in Stocks to Maximize Return -How to Maximize Return on Investment, How to Understand Price to Earnings Ratio of a Stock, How to Make Textbook Stock Valuations, How to Invest in Stocks to Maximize Return on Investment. Studying these subjects and topics will bring you to understand how this position works and which skills you should develop in order to fulfil your responsibilities. Even if you have a busy day to day live, this course adapts itself to your routine. Should you have any doubts, please do not hesitate to ask for more information through Emagister, leading educational portal.

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This Course is Made for Students and after completion you will find yourself with more confidence with increased knowledge related of this course along with Rapid Skillz Certificate.